Oct 30, 2019

UFO Facts: There Is A Video From 2011 Of A UFO Behaving The Way The Navy Pilot Of The Confirmed UFO Videos Describes in 2017 Of An Experience He Had in 2004!

1. UFO Facts: The Navy Confirmed That 3 Videos On The Web Are In Fact Real UFOs, Providing A Confirmed Starting Point For UFO Research
2. UFO Facts: A Navy Pilot Did An Interview With Mainstream News Media Outlets And Revealed That UFOs Are Shaped Like White Tic Tacs & Can Move At Hyper Velocity, Vertically Or Horizontally, Showing Capabilities Beyond What An Air Force Pilot Or Physicist Can Imagine Modern Aircraft Doing

                                                        UK's Daily Mail reports;

Revisiting the interview with the Navy Pilot, David Fravor, (as seen on the Fox News & CNN interviews in the last post ), by the organization he is affiliated with, i.e. To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Sciences, ... notice that one description of behavior matches a UFO video floating around the internet of a UFO caught on camera, at night in Israel at a holy site to all 3 major western religions.  First the description and then the UFO video. Notice that the Pilots description comes from 2017 and the UFO video from 2011. No one could possibly have forged a UFO video with a description that didn't come out till many years later;

One couple of the interesting descriptions of the UFOs the Navy Commander gives are;

 1. At 3:10 in the interview of the pilot he mentions that the UFO he saw looked like a white tic tac and so they call it the tic tac, and, 

2. At 5:56 the pilot is telling us how he was told by a controller. "we've been tracking these things, they've been dropping from 80,000 feet. they come straight down. they hang out at about 20,000 feet... they'll just sit there.. and then when they're done they go straight back up and they disappear." 

[ Also see: Pilots Interview on Fox News and Pilots Interview On CNN]

Now here is the, supposedly debunked, video on the internet of a nighttime sighting in Israel, at the Dome of the Rock, from January of 2011! Reported on Fox News on February 3rd 2011 and on ABC News on the same date as well... here is the video on CBSA new viral video shows a UFO hovering over Jerusalem, then suddenly shooting up into the sky. Jeff Glor reports.;

That's the same behavior pattern the Navy pilot described! The UFO dropped down and then shot straight up!

Here are other videos of that UFO/UAP sighting;

A close up video of the UFO at the Dome Of The Rock in Israel. Notice how it follows the same pattern of behavior the Navy pilot, described, i.e.

4 videos of the UFO at the Dome Of The Rock in Israel that used the same pattern of behavior in 2011 in Israel that was later described by a Navy pilot in 2016 about his experiences with a UFO in 2004!

Another video of a UFO at the same location but during daylight!!! This time the UFO does something unique (unmentioned before). It creates a "smoke signal":

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