Apr 18, 2021

UFO Facts: Pentagon Calls UFOs "UAPs" (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) And Have Just Confirmed A Green Triangular UAP & A Spherical UAP That Was Leaked By A Navy Pilot

Previously In The News: Pentagon Confirms UFO Videos Released By Department Of Defense, And Confirmed As Real By The Navy, Are, In Fact, Real

CNN: Pentagon confirms UFO video is real, taken by Navy pilot

A pyramid-shaped object seen flying through the sky has been confirmed by the Pentagon as an unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).


Leaked: Pentagon's UFO Investigation Spotlighted In New Photos And Video | TODAY - New information is emerging about a series of mysterious sightings over U.S. Navy warships in California. Video shows a strange object hovering over one of those ships, and now the Pentagon confirms it was taken by the Navy. NBC’s Gadi Schwartz reports for TODAY.

Screenshot - enlarged:

UFO caught on camera: Pentagon confirms leaked images and video are real | 7NEWS

A spokesperson from the Pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of incredible leaked images and video from their UFO investigations. Night vision captured by a US Navy destroyer was posted online by filmmaker @Jeremy Corbell​, appearing to show ‘mystery’ flying objects near warships. 


Fox News: Navy spots pyramid-shaped UFOs on video, Pentagon confirms

Gadi Schwartz’s full interview with Retired Navy Commander David Fravor on the unidentified object he saw flying in the sky during a training mission in 2004.    

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