Feb 27, 2020

CNN, Rather Than Telling The Truth, Tries To Copy Fox News (With Stephen Colbert And Jon Stewart)

1. How CNN Focuses On Sensationalism (With The Daily Show)
2. CNN Hires A Well Known And Proven Liar To EDIT The News In Secret (i.e. No Disclaimer On Anything Edited By Her!)
3. CNN Often Promotes (And Hires!) People Getting PAID To Push A Particular View
4. CNN's "Civility" Argument Shows CNN Anchors/Hosts Can't Put Facts In Context Of What's Going On!
5. The Ultimate Proofs That Fox News Is Basically Just A Group Of White Supremacists/Nationalists/Nazis
6. Trump's & Fox News's Terrorist Attack On The Press & Political Opponents With Late Night Comedians
7. Mainstream Media Is Markedly Pro-Right Wing Lies - Part 2

This little collection of videos from the Daily Show, with the links above, show how CNN seems to emulate Fox News and even support Fox in its efforts to deceive the people.

Similar behavior patterns:

MIDTERMS '014 - DETOUR TO GRIDLOCK - MOUNTAINS OF MIDTERM MADNESS 11/4/2014 Cable news networks vie for attention with high-tech gadgets, from Fox News's "Bill Board" to CNN's "Magic Wall."

HARD-HITTING NEWS ON "HARD CHOICES" 6/18/2014 CNN and Fox News manage to land exclusive interviews with Hillary Clinton on the same day, an accomplishment apparently warranting its own extensive coverage.

Made For TV Fighting;

CRISIS IN THE MIDDLE EVERYWHERE - CNN AND FOX NEWS FIGHT IN LIBYA 3/22/2011 Fox News and CNN courageously report on the fighting in Libya between Fox News and CNN.

Music as an introduction to a segment (even if incredibly inappropriate):

SONGS OF CNN JULY 30, 2008 - CNN's "American Morning" now bumps in on a song that fits with the news story. It's a little technique they picked up from strip joint DJs. (5:52)

MOMENT OF ZEN - OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM 3/31/2003 Fox News broadcasts footage of U.S. missiles attacking Iraq backed with classical music.

MOMENT OF ZEN - HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE OCTOBER 2, 2008 CNN plays "Highway to the Danger Zone" as the stage is prepared for the vice presidential debate. (0:18)

Incompetent news coverage;

MOMENT OF ZEN - FALSE ALARM 1/16/2003 CNN and Fox News cover a scare story about bubonic plague that turns out to be unsubstantiated.

MOMENT OF ZEN - A BEAZLEY CHRISTMAS DECEMBER 7, 2005 The breaking news at CNN is President George W. Bush talking to his dogs. (0:19)

Obliviously racist coverage;

MOMENT OF ZEN - LATINO STEREOTYPES 10/26/2009 CNN tries to shatter Latino stereotypes with its special "Latino in America."

MOMENT OF ZEN - MICHAEL SAVAGE ON ISLAM 5/7/2009 CNN wants to know how Michael Savage feels about Islam.

ARREST DEVELOPMENT - CAUCASIAN TERRORISTS 4/22/2013 Aasif Mandvi explains how the Boston Marathon bombers' ethnic background disrupts the story Americans have long been told about who the bad guys are and what they look like.

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