Feb 5, 2019

How CNN Focuses On Sensationalism (With The Daily Show)

This post just consists of examples of CNN focusing on being sensational, even ignoring facts or not confirming the facts, for the sake appearing to be "cool"... as if it were a liberal version of Fox News.

Here we see a sensational report is more important than facts;

THE MOST BUSTED NAME IN NEWS 4/17/2013 CNN's exclusive report on an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing was exclusive because it was completely f**king wrong.

MOMENT OF ZEN - FALSE ALARM 1/16/2003 CNN and Fox News cover a scare story about bubonic plague that turns out to be unsubstantiated.

WRONGNADO - CNN 9/17/2013 Reporting on a mass shooting in Washington, CNN doesn't let a lack of facts get in the way of drawing speculative conclusions.

Here is CNN trying to create extra action to appear more sensational;

THIS IS CNN? 4/22/2013 While other networks used a studio anchor to keep Boston bombing coverage from going adrift, CNN instead went with a sandlot football approach.

Here we see sex is more important than news;

HEADLINES - HEY, HEY PAULA 1/16/2002 CNN apologizes and Fox News feasts on Paula Zahn's quickly canceled "sexy" promo.

MOMENT OF ZEN - CNN COVERS ANTHONY WEINER CONFESSION 6/8/2011 CNN scraps coverage of Iraq, unemployment and the Middle East to focus on Anthony Weiner's sex scandal confession.

Here you see CNN focuses on its own celebrity rather than news (a very revealing incident);

GUARDIANS OF THE GALA - CNN GOES THERE 4/27/2015 During the media's celebration at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, the night's intended purpose -- highlighting deserving scholarship winners -- is almost forgotten.

SUPPERBAD & GUARDIANS OF THE GALA 4/27/2015 The media lavishly celebrates at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner despite racially charged riots raging in nearby Baltimore.

MOMENT OF ZEN - THIS TIME TOMORROW 4/27/2015 CNN contributor Errol Louis assures viewers that they can find out the actual news once the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner is over.

Here CNN tries to be sensational with a con;

MOMENT OF ZEN - THE CNN PARKING LOT 5/8/2013 CNN connects via satellite via the same parking lot.

THE STANDLOT 5/8/2013 Using newsroom magic, CNN covers unfolding crime stories happening in two different cities from the same parking lot.

Here is CNN creating extra news off of nothing;

THE CURIOUS CASE OF FLIGHT 370 3/24/2014 A paucity of information surrounding the details of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 leaves CNN searching for creative ways to fill the void.

Right-wing hero Cliven Bundy shares his disturbing thoughts on African Americans, and CNN gets prematurely excited about potential debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. (3:53):

No News Bearers - As the Flight 370 mystery remains unsolved, CNN considers a zombie-based disappearance theory and learns a lesson in ocean-wide trash trends. (4:19):

No News Bearers - The Duh Room - With a lack of emerging developments, CNN covers its own coverage of missing Flight 370 and decides to break out of the narrow confines of traditional news reporting. (4:15):

CNN'S ENDLESS WAIT FOR FLIGHT 370 NEWS 5/1/2014 CNN veers into absurd territory as correspondents brace themselves for an update on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Note: All this time they could have been covering climate change to create awareness. (As media Matters keeps pointing out and other news outlets are beginning to catch on to). 

CNN: DO THE RIGHT STORY 4/24/2014 The Best F#@king News Team Ever gives CNN some advice on how to effectively cover climate change.

Instead they don't cover it and then say people don't care as much about climate change compared to other news. Its crazy and stupid as it shows a complete lack of awareness of how NEWS creates opinion (its why people watch NEWS, i.e. to get a perspective/opinion). In any case, not covering climate change properly is the oldest media con that everyone needs to be aware of.
Moment Of Zen:

POLL BEARERS 8/17/2009 Cable news polls might not reflect public opinion so much as the ability of viewers to repeat the ideas they just heard.

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