Aug 5, 2019

El Paso Shooting: Yet Another Attack From A Person Influenced By Right Wing's White Supremacy Popularized By The GOP

1. The Ultimate Proofs That Fox News Is Basically Just A Group Of White Supremacists/Nationalists/Nazis
2. An Outline Of Modern Right Wing Terrorism (Denied By Fox News & The GOP) By David Neiwert
3. Gilroy Shooting: Yet Another Attack From A Person Influenced By Right Wing's White Supremacy Popularized By The GOP

Just continuing the documentation of the spread of domestic terrorism by the right wing domestic terror group called 'the GOP'. Note the connection of the shooter to current right wing talking points and the fact that he was from one of the groups (8chan) that Trump likes to retweet

El Paso mass shooting is at least the third atrocity linked to 8chan this year
(CNN)Saturday's shooting in El Paso is at least the third atrocity this year where a suspect is believed to have posted to 8chan in advance of an attack.
8chan is an online messaging board that has been used by anonymous accounts to share extremist messages and cheer on mass shooters. It is rife with racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Law enforcement officials in El Paso, Texas, confirmed on Saturday they were investigating a document posted on 8chan that they believe was written by Patrick Crusius, the shooting suspect.

Rev. Al Sharpton: Action needed, not prayer, to fight domestic terrorism, white nationalism in wake of latest mass shooting in El Paso - Rev. Al Sharpton says that in the wake of the mass shooting in El Paso, President Trump and Congress need to take action against white nationalism and domestic terrorism: "Prayer without works is a dead thing."

El Paso gunman allegedly posted ‘wildly anti-immigrant' essay online - NBC News reporter Ben Collins discusses a manifesto posted on 8chan, allegedly tied to the El Paso gunman, which included racist, anti-immigrant sentiments as well as thoughts on jobs in the U.S. and the impact of automation.

Clint Watts: We have a white nationalist terrorism problem in this country - Following mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, MSNBC analyst Clint Watts joins Ali Velshi to explain the importance of identifying white nationalist terrorism by name.

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Fox News, GOP's mouthpiece, immediately moved to muddy the waters with their lies and misdirections (basically treason);

Media Matters: How Fox News pushed propaganda about the El Paso mass shooting

NBC News reporter Ben Collins reported on the El Paso shooter’s alleged manifesto, writing, “The screed posted to the anonymous extremist message board [8chan] railed against immigrants in Texas and pushed talking points about preserving European identity in America.”
8chan is a far-right message board where shooters like this are portrayed as heroesboth the New Zealand shooter and the Poway Synagogue shooter both posted there. The Gilroy shooter recommended on Instagram a book that is popular among white supremacists on 8chan. Sharing his assessment on air, Collins was blunt: 8chan has a “body count.”
The El Paso shooter’s alleged manifesto is built around the “great replacement” theory -- the white supremacist conspiracy theory that immigrants are being brought into the United States to replace white people. That should sound familiar: It's a regular part of Fox News prime time. It is specifically one of the things that Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson have been criticized for pushing.
I spent a lot of time watching Fox News’ Saturday coverage of the El Paso shooting, and it was striking how the coverage bent toward propaganda. There were numerous interviews with survivors and witnesses that could have been done by any news outlet. But in between those interviews, Fox went out of its way to avoid any conversations about easy access to guns and the rash of far-right white nationalist shooters.

Republicans are already hiding behind Fox News. CNN's Jake Tapper reportedthat a number of top Republicans declined to appear on CNN today to talk about the mass shootings. The list included the White House, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine, and Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.
Patrick instead appeared on Fox & Friends, where he used the El Paso shooting to call for federal government intervention into the video game industry, more prayer in schools, and more saluting of the flag. Patrick has appeared on Fox previously to push the great replacement theory.

Note: Saluting the flag (focus on patriotism over critical thinnking) is one of the key tactics of dictators/despots.

Fox News and the Right Wing (i.s the GOP) has already reached the point of using JUST words and random/paranoid/factless thoughts to direct thier followers. It should be noted that Alex Jones pushed a few of the scientific facts of 9/11 showing the GOP did 9/11 while Obama was in office but has since dropped that talking point altogether. If Dems were to go with scientific facts of 9/11 the GOP might implode as Alex Jones did a great job of spreading 9/11 facts into the right and then Fox News made him a famous mainstream right wing commentator.

Media Matters: In reacting to the El Paso mass shooting, Alex Jones and TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sound a lot alike Jones and Patrick -- who have both made statements on immigration similar to what’s in the gunman’s reported manifesto -- now use upcoming antifa protests to deflect from the shooting

Toxic conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick both attempted to baselessly connect a mass shooting that targeted Latinos to upcoming anti-facism protests. 
On August 3, a man armed with an assault weapon opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso, TX, killing 20 people and leaving 26 other people injured. Shortly before opening fire, the gunman reportedly posted a manifesto to far-right message board 8chan in which he expressed hatred for Latino immigrants and complained of the “Hispanic invasion of Texas.” According to ABC News, the gunman told law enforcement after being taken into custody that “he wanted to shoot as many Mexicans as possible.”
But in the wake of the shooting, both Patrick and Jones pivoted to the boogeyman of “antifa” to distract from the obvious fact that the gunman was inspired by right-wing rhetoric about Latinos and immigration.
Even while media reports on the mass shooting remained hazy, Patrick called into Fox News on August 3 and said, “You know, I was looking at a story recently…where Antifa is posting, you know they want to come down to El Paso and do a 10-day siege. Clear message to Antifa: Stay out of El Paso.” Andy Ngo, an editor of right-wing website Quillette, has recently drawn attention to the upcoming anti-fascism protests, which call for the abolishment of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Video games appears to be the rights go to meme right now. Anything can trigger a psychotic break in an insane person but this is clearly a loyal Republican following Republican and Fox News talking points (further indicates treason).

Media Matters: After declining a CNN appearance, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick goes on Fox & Friends to blame El Paso mass shooting on video games Patrick failed to discuss access to firearms or the spread of white nationalism, but he did condemn Call of Duty and call for prayer in public schools

Patrick stressed that the shooter “wanted to be a super-soldier, for his Call of Duty game,” referencing a popular first-person shooter video game, and claimed that “we’ve always had guns, we’ve always had evil, but what’s changed” is now we have “a video game industry that teaches young people to kill.” Patrick admitted the El Paso shooting was “obviously a hate crime, I think, in my view, against immigrants,” before going on to also blame “bullying people on social media” and complain that “we won’t let our kids even pray in our schools” and “we no longer salute our flag.” Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Griff Jenkins saluted Patrick’s “very important points.” They are not very important points, but they are among the lieutenant governor’s bad-faith distractions from the shooting, including warning antifa to “stay out of Texas” after the massacre (which he delivered on Fox News on Saturday).  

Patrick did mention 8chan, the website where the Christchurch, New Zealand, shooter and two more inspired by him (including El Paso) posted manifestoes before shooting, but Patrick used the website’s role to again attack video games and the supposed godlessness of society, instead of noting the actual 8chan link of white nationalism. Throughout the interview, Patrick and the hosts all resisted any talk of gun violence prevention policy, in order to, as host Pete Hegseth put it, “move past the platitudes and the politics” of the mass shooting epidemic.

Right Wing Terrorism

The White Supremacist Gang Of Domestic Terrorists

Fox News

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