Jul 31, 2018

The Main Political Commentators At Fox News & Alex Jones (Infowars) Are Now Joined At The Hip

1. Incontrovertible Proof that Sean Hannity Is Just A Two-Bit Factless Conspiracy Theorist: Alex Jones Of Infowars And Sean Hannity Of Fox News Are Really Just Two Peas In A Pod.
2. Proofs That Alex Jones (From Infowars) Is Basically Just A White Supremacist Seeking To Incite Violence (Following The Fox News Lead?)
3. NRA, Infowars, Fox News, Breitbart And Sinclair Function As A Terrorist Propaganda Wing Of The GOP That Seeks To Build Hate & Muddy The Waters (Kinda Like State TV)
4. White Nationalists Say. "Fox News Is Broadcasting White Nationalism Every Night At 8 PM ET" (i.e. Tucker Carlson Tonight)
5. The Right Wing Are Basically Terrorists Or "Terrorist Creators" (Alt Right Terrorists Is The Politically Correct Term)

Infowars and Fox News and the rest of right wing media, should be considered to be one and the same, on a general mass level.

Alex Jones gushes over Fox: "Think about where we'd be if it wasn't for Fox News" Jones: Tucker Carlson the “smartest person on television,” Sean Hannity “is the most dogged and has the most courage,” and Lou Dobbs “really is the master”


The reason Fox News personalities are helping Alex Jones is because he is a right wing terrorist/Nazi-propagandist in the same way they are. With this post I just want to make this link clear.

On Fox Business, Lou Dobbs defends Infowars and Alex Jones Robert Jeffress: "What is deemed as your opinion could be somebody else's definition of hate speech"

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Freedom of speech under attack by Facebook and YouTube. Radio host Alex Jones banned from Facebook for 30 days and from YouTube for 90. Both platforms taking down four videos. Facebook said Jones' videos, quote, "encourage physical harm," and, quote, "attack someone based on religious affiliation or gender identity."

On Fox News, Tucker Carlson defends Infowars and Alex JonesCarlson: "I know we're supposed to think that Alex Jones is way more radical than, like, Bill Maher, or Michelle Wolf, or Rosie O'Donnell, but he's got a point of view, and CNN is trying to squelch his point of view"

Sean Hannity lets Roger Stone promote Infowars on Fox News Roger Stone: "I was appearing once a day on Infowars, where we're fighting a terrific war against net censorship"

Tucker Carlson To Alex Jones: Obama Pushing "Nazi" Racial Politics

During a bizarre appearance on The Alex Jones Show, Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested the Obama administration is engaging in "Nazi stuff" by using ethnic politics, and wants to confiscate all the country's firearms and put people "in jail for even having them."
Jones, America's leading conspiracy theorist, believes the government perpetrated mass catastrophes like the September 11 attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, the Boston Marathon bombing, and several mass shootings. Jones has recently been pushing the conspiracy theorythat a military training exercise, Jade Helm, is an attempt to create martial law in the United States (it isn't). Jones is an ally of Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul and helped launch his political career.
Fox News executive vice president Bill Shine has dismissed Jones, saying he "wishes he had a platform on Fox News ... That's not going to happen, so he should stick with trying to locate the black helicopters." Some of Carlson's colleagues have dismissed Jones as a "nut job radio guy" who owns a "radical far-right Web site."
Despite Fox's disapproval of Jones, Carlson appeared on his May 19 program to commiserate about the downfall of America under President Obama. (Carlson has previously appeared on the program.) 

Infowars host: Tucker Carlson and Rep. Matt Gaetz "agree with the things we say and they probably like us" Roger Stone: "I think the brass at Fox have a general order that no one is allowed to go on Infowars" because they "view us as competition"

On CNN, Rep. Matt Gaetz defends appearing on Infowars and bringing a Holocaust denier to State of the Union Gaetz: "It's important to take a message even to people who say horrible, zany things," and Holocaust-denier Chuck C. Johnson says "he is not a denier of the Holocaust"

A Guide To Donald Trump’s Relationship With Alex Jones
Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist who has repeatedly bragged about his communications and influence with President Donald Trump. Trump has frequently picked up conspiracy theories and narratives from Jones, including that the 2016 election was “rigged,” former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton founded ISIS, and millions of people voted illegally in the last election.


On Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson Defends Trump's "Totally Reasonable" Anti-Muslim Plan While Attacking Non-European Immigrants

During an appearance on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' program, Fox News host Tucker Carlson defended Donald Trump's "totally reasonable and rational" anti-Muslim immigration plan and said the media's criticism of it makes him want to donate to Trump's campaign. Carlson also complained that people overlook all the "bad and really troubling" things non-European immigrants have done to the country.
Carlson, who is also the founder and editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller, appeared on the December 9 edition of The Alex Jones Show to discuss Trump's candidacy and the controversy over his plan "for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on." Jones is a leading conspiracy theorist who believes the government was behind 9/11 and several other catastrophes. Trump recently appeared on Jones' program and praised Jones and his "amazing" reputation.
Carlson began by complaining that "the worst thing about Trump is the media reaction to him, which is so hyperventilating and self-righteous. It's merely an excuse for reporters to explain that they're morally superior to Donald Trump ... it's disgusting." Carlson continued that watching negative coverage of Trump makes him "feel like sending him money":

A few more notes on Infowars terrorism (i.e. where attacks are likely at some point in the future):

Infowars livestreams a Planned Parenthood protest the day after the anniversary of Dr. Tiller's murder

On May 31, 2009, an anti-abortion extremist murdered abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, who had been harassed and targeted by anti-choice groups and right-wing media for years. On May 31, 2018, Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer announced that he would be hosting and livestreaming a protest outside a Texas Planned Parenthood location.
During the May 31 segment of Genesis Communication Network’s The Alex Jones Show, Shroyer announced that Infowars would “launch a protest here in Austin at Planned Parenthood” the next day in response to his frustration that the NRA and Infowars were “being blamed for anytime there’s a shooting” while Planned Parenthood wasn’t blamed for being part of “a death cult.” Shroyer noted that in addition to organizing the protest, he would also be livestreaming the event to various channels. Toward the end of the segment, host Alex Jones and Shroyer started mocking the people they think will show up to the protest, calling them satanists and claiming they'll say things like “We are slaves, we are dying,” “I love abortion,” and “I want to kill kids.”

Killing abortion providers has been a thing of right wing "news" since Bill O Reilly killed Dr. Tiller and got away with it. The last one was done during the GOP primary by a GOP politician. Next will probably be infowars and Fox News. i.e. right wing domestic terrorism is a sheltered activity (all they have to do is call it "acts by the mentally ill"to avoid any repercussions for thier rhetoric, i.e. they have already done a bunch of Al Awlaki style attacks). Clealry there are alot of terrorist plans in progress right now.

More research;

Member of violent men-only fraternal organization Proud Boys goes on Infowars to recruit Proud Boys member: “But you know, if you want to get involved there is no better time than now”

During the July 17 edition of Infowars’ The Alex Jones Show, Alex Jones hosted Ethan Nordean, a member of Proud Boys who goes by the alias “Rufio Panman.” As reported by The Guardian, Nordean garnered viral fame after a fight between him and a counterprotester at a right-wing rally was caught on video, earning himhis organization’s designation of “Proud Boy of the Week.” Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes also amplified the violent encounter on his Twitter account:
Proud Boys is a self-described “Western chauvinist” men-only fraternal organization. While McInnes has included a disclaimer (“We are not a violent group”) on the organization’s website attempting to distance the group from the violence its members somehow keep involving themselves in, violence is in reality ingrained into the group’s ethos. To earn a low-level membership (or “second degree”), prospective members have to subject themselves to continuous punches by other Proud Boys while naming five breakfast cereals. The highest membership level, the fourth degree, is earned only if the member has engaged in violence with anti-fascists. McInnes has also attempted to add “clarification” around what that entails, but his hedging is at odds with his record of glorifying violence. He’s on the record saying he “cannot recommend violence enough. It is a really effective way to solve problems.”

Sandy Hook parent explains that Alex Jones' lies are "a public threat" that put “families at risk" Neil Heslin: "He's peddling these lies like a carnival barker. It puts people like myself, the Pozners, and other families at risk"

Infowars complains about discrimination against white people with "alt-right" troll who previously called for "globalists" at CNN to be killed Fuentes: "Our ancestors are denigrated, we’re told we don’t have culture, we’re told we don’t create"

Note: Has mainstream (left wing) media made a mistake in thier association of 9/11 truth and 9/11 science and 9/11 "conspiracy theories" with Alex Jones?

Video: The conspiracy theories of Alex Jones and InfowarsDonald Trump praised Alex Jones’ “amazing” reputation when he appeared on his show

Fox Example: Some of the conspiracy theories in the video that Jones, his coworkers, and guests have pushed:
  • Jones claims that “Pizzagate” (that hacked Clinton emails referring to pizza orders were secretly about an underground child molestation ring) is real.
A direct link of Infowars to domestic terrorism the the GOP and Fox News hare with him,making then very close on veery level.

  • Jones claims that the Oklahoma City and 9/11 terror attacks were false flag attacks. Flight 93 was shot down by someone who refused to go along with the false flag attack; (Jones also claims that the person who disclosed that to him was subsequently murdered.)
The mistake Media Matters makes is assuming the Infowars and Alex Jones is the originator of ANYTHING to so with 9/11 truth or 9/11 science. From a look at infowars conspiracies, the only thing Jones got right, probably because of AE911truth.orgs existence since 2004 (a group of scientists), is that 9/11 was a false flag attack. Oklahoma's bombing was an attack on the Federal Government from a right wing terrorist type who Alex Jones and inforwars go out of their way to protect. Seems more like he is using 9/11 truth to cover for white supremacist terrorists which certainly seems to be the case when you notice his vehement attacks on the scapegoats of 9/11 (using his own logic that 9/11 was a false flag). Add to that there are right wing icons supporting him and white supremacist terrorism is on the rise only suggests that there is some other ulterior motive to Alex Jones using 9/11 truth and its NOT to spread the truth but to obscure it in some way. Whatever the cause may be right now the party that did the Iraq War and covered it up - to some extent - with media help and did 9/11 and created a fascist style media propaganda group (fox news) are now helping a guy the left seems to associate - unreasonably - to 9/11 truth. Alex Jones and infowars are not founders of 9/11 truth nor is he a scientist or even a person who cares much for facts in anything. Fortunately since Obama brought climate change up the media covers climate change science otherwise I'm sure they would be parroting right wing traitor talking points on those facts to. Clearly Alex Jones was lying about anyone getting killed giving him information... he is helping the party that did 9/11 with the media channel that devotes all its resources to helping - even - 9/11 insiders from the Bush Administration (who even populate its TV shows). Clearly Alex Jones should not be associated with the 9/11 truth movement OR 9/11 science as it makes no conspiratorial sense EXCEPT as a con to frame Democrats for it, despite their only being Republicans in the white house and government on 9/11, and whether 9/11 science is accepted as reality or not, this point must be fought tooth and nail or you can expect to be the beaten again by the same party that is known for domestic terrorism under is more strategic racism promoting name of "mentally ill'(another tactic to use GOP's southern strategy to as a diversion tactic from 9/11 truth? Very effective even on the "non-racist" parts of American society).

  • Jones claims that mass shootings in Newtown, Las Vegas, and Orlando were either faked or part of elaborately covered-up conspiracies.
Again, Alex Jones uses 9/11 SCIENCE (and its tons of evidence floating aorund the internet covered by actual academics) to run even everyday mass shootings into something more than they are. Such power the left has given a two bit traitorous fearmongering con srtist like Jones and infowars. 

  • An Infowars guest claims that the Rothschilds, the Jesuit black pope, the city of London, and Wall Street -- as part of the deep state -- use pedophilia and mind control to control the Free Masons, the Knights of Malta, and other secret societies.
Sounds more like the GOP than anything else.

  • Jones claims that Ted Cruz’s father is linked to the JFK assassination.
Trump primary accusation?

  • Jones claims that U.N. wants to bring back human sacrifice.
Why Trump's attack on NATO works.

  • Jones and an Infowars guest allege that stargates are being built, including at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland (and that it is dedicated to Shiva).
Shiva? Me

Read full list here.


The White Supremacist Gang Of Domestic Terrorists

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