Aug 2, 2019

Ronald Reagan Helped Normalize Racism And Fake Economics! No Wonder He's A Hero To The GOP!

1. Ronald Reagan's Policies Began The Destruction Of The Middle Class & The Constitution
2. Republican Strategy Since Reagan Is To Be Covert In Their Racism As 'Overt Racism Doesn't Win Elections Anymore'

The following is a private conversation Reagan had. Publicly, of course, his policy was to use alternative terms rather than outright slurs for colored people as one of his White House personnel explained in the post on the Southern Strategy. Reagan truly was a great man to the right as he helped normalize racism by taking it "underground" and fake economics enabling the GOP to take treason to the next level. A remarkable feat.

BABY BORN IN A CAB, CLOSE CALL WITH AN ASTEROID & REAGAN'S RECORDED RACISM 8/1/2019 A Brooklyn woman gives birth in the back of a taxi, the Earth has a close encounter with an asteroid, and a recording emerges of Ronald Reagan making highly racist comments.


GOP Economics

Right Wing Terrorism

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