Jan 4, 2023

Absurdity Of Media Matters Post On 9/11 Comments From Joe Rogan

REF: Media Matters: Joe Rogan falsely claims Flight 93 was “shot” down and that passengers did not stop 9/11 terrorist attack

I use Media Matters all the time because on mainstream issues they do great research. However, they have blinders on associated with 9/11 that I want to highlight in this post. A simple visual observation made by Joe Rogan that the debris pattern of flight 93 resembles a plane shot from the sky and not one that has crash landed, a logical observation to make, is simply stated as false. Note: When a plane crashes its debris doesn't fly off for miles over dense forest, its tends to accumulate in a small area, {unless it lands on water, then it sinks, like at the Pentagon, leaving behind only identifying markers so we know what happened... all passengers and luggage being swallowed up by the water. (its was the djinn I tell ya!)}, anyways, from a logical point of view Joe Rogan is correct. 

What happened? I think the emotional reaction to 9/11 was so strong (obviously) that people can't deal with the truth right in front of their eyes. Its too painful. So the official story has become sacred, like a religious story. This sacred perspective of 9/11 exists particularly on the left, that has dismantled every lie after 9/11 from the Iraq war on, while the right has remained loyal to the party line, so its interesting from a cultural point of view as well. Why does the left think 9/11 was totally true when the GOP has done nothing but lie since then? The GOP pushed the Iraq War with lies, the media helped with these lies, the CIA helped with these lies... One thing you can't deny is that not only is the pattern of debris of flight 93 like one that hasn't crash landed...

Media notices the anomaly of lack of plane debris at crash site (then shuts up, as is normal even today)

But Rumsfeld also said we will get the people who shot down the plane as if he didn't yet know it was the White House (Cheney, see below) and not some on the ground jihadis.

Here Cheney saying it was Bush who gave the orders to shoot any plane down after the first three attacks (indicating they were going to come clean about shooting down Flight 93 and then they changed their minds... because of revelations passengers had the plane?) They clearly changed their story, why didn't the media investigate this change?;

Here is the original post by Media Matters highlighting facts as false. It defies logic. Its absurd.

Joe Rogan falsely claims Flight 93 was “shot” down and that passengers did not stop 9/11 terrorist attack

ROGAN: “They crashed it into the ground to save the White House. Get the fuck out of here.”

JOE ROGAN (HOST): They shot that fucking plane out of the sky.


ROGAN: Yeah, almost no doubt they shot it out of the sky. The wreckage was scattered for miles.


ROGAN: Yeah, they're supposed to. They just didn't want to say it.


ROGAN: I'm saying that the "let's roll," all that, probably didn't happen.

ARI SHAFFIR (COMEDIAN): That was to give America a victory. Like we fought back against them. You know.


ROGAN: Yeah. They crashed it into the ground to save the White House. Get the fuck out of here.

SHAFFIR: They grounded all planes. One plane suddenly wasn't talking, and it was headed off its course towards the White House. And they were like, hello, are you there? Get it --

ROGAN: They found the wreckage -- the wreckage was spread out over miles. Now, in a plane crash, the wreckage does not spread for miles. But when you blow something up in the air, I would imagine that it would spread out for miles. But you know when you're, you hit the ground, how is the wreckage spread for miles? That doesn't even make sense.

SHANE GILLIS (COMEDIAN): I think there was something. I think it was Cheney. Cheney was like, do it. I believe --

ROGAN: I'm sure. That's the protocol.

GILLIS: I don't know why I'm thinking this.


ROGAN: Let's say there's 200 people on a plane and those 200 people -- 100% hijacked. There's terrorists on the plane, and they're going to crash into the White House. Now, instead of 200 people dead, you have 2,000 people dead. You don't think they're going to blow that thing out of the sky?

SHAFFIR: Had to.

ROGAN: They have to.

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