Oct 6, 2021

AE911Truth.org News: Family Of British 9/11 Victim Geoff Campbell Gets Its Message Out In UK & British Media (Ignored By US Media)

AE911Truth.org News: Family of British 9/11 victim Geoff Campbell gets its message out

Since submitting an application last month for a new inquest into the death of their son on September 11, 2001, the family of Geoff Campbell has been getting its message out to people across the UK through the British media.

Several tabloids and local news outlets have reported on the Campbells’ effort, though larger news organizations like the BBC and The Guardian have yet to cover what the family is doing.

The recently launched GB News also sat down for an interview with Matt Campbell, the eldest son in the family. Only a small portion of the interview ended up making it to air and on GB News’ social media platforms. But the reporter, Paul Hawkins, published a longer version of the interview on his YouTube channel.

Here’s a round-up of all the news coverage from the past three weeks:

GB News’ Paul Hawkins interviews brother Matt Campbell (9/11/2021)

More news reports on this story in UK media:

Family of 9/11 victim demand fresh inquest into the death (Brighton Argus, 9/11/21)

'My brother died on 9/11 — this is how I grew to distrust the story of the Twin Towers' (MyLondon, 9/11/21)

The 9/11 victim who got to say goodbye to the love of his life . . . 'A blessing' (The Daily Express, 9/11/21)

BBC Radio Northampton interview with Matt Campbell (9/8/21) Listen at 2:12:00

Brits remember the loved ones they lost 20 years after the horror of 9/11 (The Sun, 9/3/21)

9/11 conspiracy theories paralysed my family (The Sunday Telegraph, 8/29/21)

Campbell Sunday Telegraph 768The online article is behind a paywall. Click on the image to read the print version.

Family of Brit killed in 9/11 'have evidence towers were blown up from inside' (The Daily Mirror, 8/27/21)

Family of British risk analyst, 31, who was killed in the 9/11 terror attacks demand new inquest (The Daily Mail, 8/26/21)

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