Aug 19, 2019

9/11 Cognitive Dissonance: Who Cares How Hot Jet Fuel Burns? The Whole Building Wasn't Even On Fire, How Could The Steel AND Concrete Dissolve So Fast That It Collapses In Seconds Without Even Being On Fire?!

1. BREAKING: "WTC 7 Did Not Collapse from Fire" Dr. Leroy Hulsey... Engineering Experts, 9/11 Families And A Former NIST Employee Call On Congress To Launch A New Investigation Into 9/11!
2. Update: Professional Engineers & Architects From Continue To Debunk The Unscientific Official Story Of 9/11
3. An Investigative Hearing In Toronto Canada Chaired By Judges Called For A New Investigation Into The Attacks Of 9/11 (With A Note On The Money Trail)

I thought I should have a post on 9/11 observational issues with the - uninvestigated - official story in, what should be, striking visual images but are not, due to cognitive dissonance. So lets begin.

The first ridiculous part of the official story is that two buildings made of steel and concrete, that were obviously not on fire, imploded. Buildings don't implode. They either break or bend. Maybe a few pieces fall off. Thats it. These buildings disintegrated to dust. People argue jet fuel was enough but the whole building wasn't on fire... are they saying jet fuel got into the steel and concrete and made it weak at an atomic level? There is just no sense to this argument...

(not to mention that most of the jet fuel would have exploded in a ball of fire on impact, which did happen as we saw the explosions on impact)

On top of the two towers a third tower fell for no reason at all!

Till today no building has fallen from a fire and there have been buildings with real big fires and not the barely visible tiny ones on the third building that fell n 9/11. Here is a comparative look at other building fires that didn't result in concrete and steel collapsing like a house of cards.

Generally speaking, the more people learn about the third tower the more they believe something fishy may have happened on 9/11.

More evidence in images;

Always remember;

Note: If there seems to be too much evidence that 9/11 was an inside job its because Republicans are anti-science in general (remember their climate science denialenabled by media? Or media's Iraq war lies coverup?) and their base requires very little in terms of facts (they have often been called the party of stupid, even by their own leaders... when they feel a spark of patriotism and honor, which isn't often). 9/11 is a comedy/tragedy of errors. The Republicans thought they were smart enough to get away with the dumbest plan and coverup in history and the left thinks they are too smart to have done this without support of the military and FBI making the truth impossible to bring out as "the Illuminati/Deep-State controls all such things". Of course, I don't believe in an Illuminati or deep state (Alex Jones/Fox News version of the Illuminati) or whatever others have imagined is going on (lizard overlords?) so I have to face things factually. 

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