Jul 9, 2019

FLASHBACK: Video Clips Of Hannity Attacking 9/11 Truthers & 9/11 Science

Here is Hannity attacking 9/11 truthers using the science of demolition and those seeking to open an investigation into 9/11 (links to me research on this below). Its clear from these videos that Hannity doesn't want an open investigation into 9/11 and will attack anyone who does.

Hannity Attacking 9/11 Truthers 

Fox News' Hannity & Colmes ... delivers yet another hit piece on the 9/11 truth movement, this time denouncing Charlie Sheen, who is set to narrate a movie on 9/11 shortly.

More video clips

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9/11 - A New Series

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Hannity fighting 9/11 truthers;

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