Nov 8, 2019

Wall Street People REALLY Are Waging War On America & The People Of The United States! When They Help Trump Its Not An Unintentional War On The People!

Economics/Business Background/Context:
1. Delineating Between Capitalism, Industrial Capitalism (Vulture Capitalism) And Democratic Socialism (Constitutional Capitalism)
2. Koch's Are Like Thanos From Avengers Infinity War! (The Right's Version Of Capitalism Could Be Called Thanos Economics!)
3. Can Citizen Rights Be Upgraded To Those Enjoyed By Corporations? This Country, According To The Constitution, Is FOR The People Is It Not?

Wall Street actively works of taking away income from everyone else in the country THROUGH the government (which is why they lobby so much). This works is getting their way while shitting on everyone else in the country because politicians accept bills from lobbyists/bribers to pass into law. The interesting part is that Wall Street doesn't fear that Joe Biden will help other parts of the country rather than exclusively them, but they are scared that Elizabeth Warren will. Best part, the donations prove it. 

Dem Candidates Struggle To Impress Donors And Stay In The News - While high-powered Democrat donors fret over their lack of enthusiasm for the current frontrunners, some of the lesser known candidates for president are going to great lengths to keep

At 2:34 you learn that Wall Street is actively engaged in taking away income, rights and help from EVERYONE else in the country (lobbyists write these awful laws for people like Biden);

Biden is OK. Biden has no problem betraying the people for a few rich donors. Biden they're OK with. Biden doesn't just take money from these people, he also takes money from Republican donors, i.e. TWO groups of people actively waging war on America and its people for profit. How many more "traitors*" does Biden take money from?

*Being indictable for treason, legally, would depend on whether they knew that 9/11 was an inside job when they chose to help Republicans with their economic war on the United States, i.e. then you have intent to collude with the biggest domestic terrorists in history. The only reason I could possibly classify these guys as traitors is because they are clearly waging war on the people through the government (which is for the people) to make money for themselves. People are dying. This is war on the people as per Article 3 section 3 of the Constitution. That fact plus any knowledge of 9/11 while helping the GOP make money and destroy the country could lead to a conviction (for "aiding and abetting").

Elizabeth Warren wants to even out the playing field so ALL citizens can play;

ELIZABETH WARREN TERRIFIES THE 1 PERCENT 11/6/2019 Elizabeth Warren's progressive presidential campaign strikes fear in the heart of Wall Street and even brings a billionaire to tears on CNBC.

A couple of screenshots:

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