Nov 10, 2019

Trump's 30 Biggest Broken Promises With Robert Reich (& 1 With Me)

Robert Reich: Trump's 30 Biggest Broken Promises
Robert Reich lists Trump's broken campaign pledges.

Related: GOP Latest Hypocrisy On Healthcare... Inspired By My Explanation Of Why Trump Won In 2016?

Sure enough, voters know he lied. Trump's earlier advantage is gone:

Voter in swing district: Trump lied to us
CNN's Alisyn Camerota interviewed a group of white women from swing districts about their views on the 2020 election and the Trump presidency.


My explanation of why Trump won in 2016:

Why Trump Won In 2016 And Why He Will Lose In 2018 (&, Most Likely, In 2020 As Well) i.e. because of medicare, medicaid and social security


How The FBI & Media Won Trump The Elections (Remember the Democratic Debates? Notice how the polls changed slowly over time - about a week, give of take a couple of days - to reflect the effect of the debates and apply this new knowledge to the 2016 election)

President Trump

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