Jul 4, 2019

Graham Hancock: 'The First Fall Of Civilization Happened By Comet 12800 Years Ago, And Its Remnants By A Flood 11600 Years Ago (Atlantis)'. - {This Is Conclusive Scientific Proof. The Debate Is Over.}

The best Graham Hancock talk (& evidence explanation/correlation/proof) I have ever heard and I have been reading his books since the Sign and the Seal. Apparently the fall of civilization happened between 12 800 BC and 11 600 years ago. With the first fall happening by comet/asteroid that destroyed the world (12,800 years ago) and the second by a flood, after about 1200 years, after the first worldwide civilization was destroyed! (This was the flood that took Atlantis!)

New Graham Hancock the Evidence Mainstream Archaeology Does Not Want You to See

Graham Hancock explains how an entire episode of the human story has been lost, an advanced civilisation very different from our own, with advanced technologies In the teeth of opposition from orthodox historians, and an ideologically driven consensus, a new paradigm of prehistory is emerging that will change everything we have been taught to believe about ourselves. Technological skills that should have taken hundreds or even thousands of years to evolve were brought into use almost overnight-- and with no apparent antecedents whatever. Hancock shares his unique experiences and perspective on the mysteries of the human past and explains why he’s convinced we are a species with amnesia forced, more than 12,000 years ago. What is prehistory, after all, if not a time forgotten--a time for which we have no records?

Just some screen shots from the lecture I wanted to highlight:

Tracing The Origins Of Culture & Civilization

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