Aug 29, 2017

Tracing Evidence Of Yoga Postures For Shamanic Meditation To 15,000 BC!

This is an extract from my recent post on Gobekli Tepe highlighting JUST the fact that yoga postures (and yoga itself) seems to have originated from "shamans" i.e. cultures going back into the paleolithic age. This means that the art of yoga, in some form or another, has existed for thousands of years longer than we previously thought or had evidence for.

Outline of Evidence

The Shiva of Indus, or "Lord of Yoga", (with the erect penis) is obviously in a Mulabandhasana pose;

The shaman of 15000 BC, with an erect penis, obviously in savana or "corpse" pose....

Wikipedia: Shavasana or mrtasana (death pose)

Here is a screenshot of the figurine (probably a pendant, amulet, of charm of some sort as suggested in the analysis) found at Gobekli Tepe;

Does this mean that the pose found at Gobekli Tepe is a "sitting on a chair" yoga meditation pose or sitting on a throne and meditating (doing shamanic trance activity of some sort)...

... OR a variation of an even more ancient pose used by the mythological Jains called MulaBangha? (by the time these postures reached the modern age, which began about 500 BC, the animals were gone)

Wikipedia: Attainment of Kevala Jñāna(omniscience) by Mahavira in mulabandhasana posture. Mula bandha has its first literary mention in the oldest Jain canon Acaranga Sutra
"the yogi, as a high transformation of the shamanistic techniques and experiences of ecstasis" Joseph Campbell, Primitive Mythology, Page 437

In other words, yoga, at least in its specific techniques if not its modern formulation, goes back into the paleolithic age and is thus AT LEAST over 15,000 years old!

More analysis of this correlation is here;

Tracing The Origins Of Culture & Civilization

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