Aug 31, 2017

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 44 (2013)

MOMENT OF ZEN - NEIL CAVUTO'S ADVICE 8/1/2013 Fox News financial analyst Neil Cavuto offers sage counsel to America's younger generation.

RICH WHITE GUYS AGREEING WITH EACH OTHER ALERT - NEIL CAVUTO 8/7/2013 Fast-food employees want their wages doubled, while Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto shares his inspiring story of upward mobility.

MOMENT OF ZEN - STOP-AND-FRISK 8/13/2013 Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld understands how New York City has changed over the years.

MOMENT OF ZEN - INTERNATIONAL CHECKMATE 9/12/2013 Fox News and Eric Bolling walk America through a high-stakes game of international chess.

CASTRATED AMERICA 9/12/2013 Fox News criticizes President Obama taking Roger Ailes' advice regarding to Vladimir Putin and Syria.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

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