Aug 29, 2017

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 43 (2013)

FANTASTIC MRS. FOX 6/17/2013 Sarah Palin returns to Fox News and forces America into a difficult choice.

MOMENT OF ZEN - THE TWINKIE RETURNS 6/24/2013 Fox News pundits enthusiastically welcome back the Twinkie.

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN VERDICT 7/15/2013 Fox News' Geraldo Rivera explains why an all-female jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the Trayvon Martin murder case.

TIP/WAG - NON-RIOTING BLACK PEOPLE & FOX NEWS 7/16/2013 Crowds gather to peacefully protest George Zimmerman's acquittal, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck joins Fox & Friends.

PAY MAS - THE POVERTY LINE 8/1/2013 Fox News pundits bemoan fast food workers mooching paychecks from their employers in exchange for the work they just have done for them.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

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