May 13, 2019

A Talk By Michael Cremo, Author Of Forbidden Archaeology (From Talks At Google)

1. Tracing Lost Megalithic Cultures From 9500 BC To The Present
2. Geologists Agree That The Sphinx Has Rain Erosion Patterns On It Indicating It Was Built Before 5000 BC! 2500 Years BEFORE Mainstream Egyptologists Claim It Was Built!
3. Debunking Egyptologists Dr. Mark Lehner From the University Of Chicago & James F. Romano, Curator At The Brooklyn Museum

Science is often filled with un-researched myths. For example, scientists used to laugh at the idea of 'rocks falling from the skies' but since the early 1800's they began to believe it was possible (probably overtime, as theories evolved). Readers Digest has actually compiled a list of myths that used to be considered to be scientific fact. In archaeology and history this problem is common since they don't actually deal with hard science (thus my background links above). The following talk (at "Google Talks") is of a researcher named Michael Cremo (author of "Forbidden Archaeology") who goes over several discoveries that questions many mainstream scientific beliefs, such as the list published by Readers Digest, that pushes back the existence of anatomically modern humans by several million years that actually fits ancient Indian mythology... opening up the possibility that modern scientific knowledge, on human history, isn't as airtight as many think it is.

Michael Cremo: "Forbidden Archaeology" | Talks at Google

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