Apr 15, 2015

The Nightly Show - Larry Wilmore Discusses Rand Paul's Presidential Bid For The Republican Ticket

BLACKLASH 2016: THE UNBLACKENING - RAND PAUL'S PRESIDENTIAL AMBITIONS - Kentucky Senator Rand Paul kicks off his 2016 presidential campaign, and Mike Yard explains that Paul is the next Barack Obama. (8:17)


them at home.' Rand Paul

i.e. basic investment in ones country for economic growth which the GOP blocked thus stalling, what could have been, a much faster economic recovery under Obama;

What Rand Paul is trying to do is appeal to younger voters;

Panel Discussion

PANEL - RAND PAUL'S PRESIDENTIAL RUN - KEEP IT 100  Sen. Bernie Sanders, Baratunde Thurston and Kat Timpf talk about Sen. Rand Paul's presidential campaign and his efforts to appeal to voters across the political spectrum. (8:12)


Some of the Ron Paul stuff was because of bad information from Fox Business.

What Rand Paul is doing is playing to the base;

IN a sense, even Obama played this politics game that Rand Paul is playing. The difference is that Rand Paul has to go into crazy land where facts are laughed at and bullshit made up theories reign supreme. Obama could simply agree with common sentiment for against and, later, for gays... as most of America is liberal at heart (the Constitution is a liberal document) BUT Rand Paul has to go completly off to one side then try to come back to the other side (that's why Jeb Bush is trying to run a "middle" campaign from beginning to end to try and duplicate what a Democrat (true American) primary is like;

For example;

Skewing the economy so the rich are being helped while the poor are being intentionally oppressed was Ronald Reagan's doing. Rand Paul probably knows this but won't say this while he's playing to the Republican base. He may say it in the general election if he ever gets there AND he will have more credibility if he says it. More credibility than Jeb Bush who has already made it clear he tends to ignore the American people to push bad policies that a small minority support (mostly through misinformation) which are the only voters the GOP genuinely appeals to while lying in the general elections cause normal people would think they are crazy if they said that stuff in a general election.

This one is a particularly interesting outcome of Reagan's polices, 30 years in the future;

i.e. GOP politics have gotten so messed up as far as logic and facts go, such graphics can be made on a ton of things. All the GOP can do is lie in return. (There is only a certain amount of people you can get while lying);


An outline of the violent racial discrimination that non-whites have to face on a regular basis thus illustrating the need for the civil rights act and the voting rights act;

FOR THE RECORD - THE SHOOTING OF WALTER SCOTT - A cellphone video shows a South Carolina police officer fatally shooting an unarmed black man in the back. (2:59)

Related posts on how racism has become embedded in culture through stereotypes;

Going deeper;

GOP's War On Colored People OR The Case To Categorize The GOP As A Hate Group

Is GOP A Hate Group?

In just gets worse from here. Backing the GOP in any form would be like backing terrorists who call themselves saints (which is all of them).

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