Apr 12, 2015

WATCH: Jeb Bush Use His Influence With His Brother, George Bush, To Push Through A Law That Has A Minority Of Public Support Proving He Doesn't Answer To The American People

IN this video you get to see Jeb Bush use his influence with his brother, the President, to push through a law that has a minority of public support (sort of like he did with his rabbit meat endeavor). This is normal GOP behavior (i.e. lying during the general elections) Mitt Romney did for Governor (& for President), George Bush did it after 9/11, increasing the size of Government while running on a platform of making the Government smaller... actually, on that point the GOP actually lies to it's own base. It's kinda fascinating to watch.

In any case, in the following video you get to see Jeb Bush back the Indiana Governor on his very unpopular "Religious Freedom Bill" summarized by this image:

Religious right puts GOP at odds with public opinion - Rachel Maddow shows how conservative politics can often put Republican politicians at odds with public opinion while trying to satisfy the religious right. Tom Lobianco of the Indianapolis Star Tribune joins to discuss Indiana's new discrimination law.


Jeb Bush

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