Jul 15, 2011

Prelude to a new article series on education

The modern form of scientific thought and analysis emerged from the philosophy of the Ancient Greeks and their writings. Which were passed down through the Dark Ages by the Universities of the Middle East from their Golden Age (every region has a Golden Age and it appears to be continuously moving west, its next stop is China and India, again).

The mechanism at work is the importing of technological and creative ideas. This same process was at work when there was an idea flow from Europe to the New World. In this example, from France to the newly developed, and still developing (industrially), United States;

DAVID MCCULLOUGH 7/13/2011 David McCullough explains why 19th century Americans moved to Paris rather than stay in the states and appreciate American mayonnaise.

It is common economic knowledge that that a country needs a strong industrial base to grow. It also needs a strong democratic base (especially in the flow of information) which can be ensured using some simple measurement tools.

I have wanted to do a thorough study on education for several years and now I think I have enough background information to begin. I'll start with the emergence of science, education and rhetoric from the Ancient Greeks.

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