Jul 19, 2021

Unconfirmed UFOs/UAPs In The News: Video Of Triangular Shaped UFO/UAP Over A Military Base On Fox News From 2016 (Clear Visual)

There are some videos of UFOs/UAPs in the news that can't be explained and have not been confirmed as real or fake by the Pentagon (unlike others confirmed as real by the Pentagon). Whats interesting about this one is that it is triangular shaped, like the green triangular UFO/UAP video already confirmed as real by the Pentagon, and it appears over a military base, like most of the cases considered in the recent US Government UAP report. Maybe this was one of the unexplained UAP sightings in the UFO report as its definitely not a deflating balloon.  This video is from 2016;

Fox News: UFO sighting?

May. 29, 2016 - 0:49 - Odd object found hovering in the air



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