Jul 10, 2021

Unconfirmed UFOs/UAPs In The News: UFO Caught LIVE On Camera During Newscast In Buffalo

There are some videos of UFOs/UAPs in the news that can't be explained and have not been confirmed as real or fake by the Pentagon (compared to those that have been confirmed as real by the Pentagon). Here is one of them;

WKBW TV: UFO caught LIVE on camera during Newscast in Buffalo

UFO caught LIVE on camera during Buffalo weathercast with Andy Parker

Observation: A UFO/UAP flies up and then turns to the right, all the while flying up, as if going into space. Image is not clear so depending on distance it could be a bird. But if it is at the height that the camera appears to show, then it is moving way to fast and ascending way to easy for aircraft that we know about in modern/mainstream/earth science.


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