Jun 12, 2021

UFO/UAP Eye Witnesses In The News: Westall’s 50-Year-Old UFO Sighting Emerges Again | 7NEWS

There are some eyewitnesses of UFOs/UAPs in the news that can't be explained and have not been confirmed as real or fake by the Pentagon (compared to those that have been confirmed as real by the Pentagon). Here is one of them;

Westall’s 50-year-old UFO sighting emerges again | 7NEWS

A teacher who claimed to see UFOs hovering over a Melbourne school says military officials threatened to have him fired if he ever spoke about the incident. Andrew Greenwood is talking publicly about the famous Westall High sightings 55 years ago for the first time in tonight's 7NEWS 'Spotlight' program.

Do you believe? We're joined by witnesses of the Westall Incident - when UFOs were spotted by school kids in suburban Melbourne. 

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