Jan 9, 2020

Pompeo Appears To Be The Primary Instigator Behind The Assassination Of The Military Commander Of A Sovereign Nation By The United States Government

1. The Anti-Diplomacy And Anti-Deal Making Party: The GOP Used Bullying And Assassination To Start A War With Iran
2. How The CIA Has Been Attacking Iran Since 1953! Beginning With Bringing Down Their Democracy!
3. Seth Meyers: Trump And His Allies Are Lying In The Exact Same Ways The Bush Administration Lied Us Into A Catastrophic War In Iraq Nearly 17 years Ago
4. BREAKING: Corporate Media Is Helping The GOP With Their Lies On Iran The Way They Did With Iraq

Secretary of State Pompeo urged Trump to kill Soleimani: report - The killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani follows long push from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for aggressive action against Iran, according to new reporting.


Rand Paul on Soleimani: Killing a general from another country an ‘act of war’ - On the assassination of Soleimani, Senator Rand Paul says "I think killing a major general from another country is an act of war."

Andrea Mitchell: Trump has 'the worst national security team I've ever seen' Veteran NBC Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent reacts to how the Trump team has handled escalating tensions with Iran.

Journalism crucial as Trump flirts with war without credibility - Rachel Maddow laments that the Trump administration has so thoroughly squandered its credibility on past lies, including about why it picked this latest fight with Iran, that Americans who are trying to stay informed can only count on the efforts of quality journalists to deliver valuable information about what the country is dealing with.

Susan Rice: Never presented extreme options to Obama like Trump’s team - Susan Rice tells Lawrence O’Donnell that, in presenting a menu of options to Trump that included the extreme choice of killing Soleimani, Trump’s team didn’t serve him well. She said that that kind of presentation would be detrimental to U.S. foreign policy.

GOP's Height Of Hypocrisy Series

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