Dec 11, 2019

Reality Bites: Psychics Don't Exist. At Least, There Is No Hard Evidence Of Psychics Anywhere.

The so called psychics on TV using a very simple technique called Cold Reading, which can be very entertaining for those into that sort of thing. The technique basically involved starting from a very general question - that most people can fit into - and then narrowing it down, to get to the "wow" moment for the person unacquainted with the con technique being used. In the following video John Oliver hilariously debunks a whole bunch of TV psychics;

Psychics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Psychics may seem harmless and fun on TV, but they can make a lot of money by exploiting vulnerable people.

Screenshot snippets

Examples of frauds on TV: "Psychics" show up on TV on real talk shows...

Whenever psychics are investigated, they turn out to be frauds.

A sting operation by a news team took out a fake psychic at 16 mins into the video;

Sylvia, a famous psychic, was saying a girl was dead while the said girl watched from captivity (at 14 mins 15 seconds);

Matt Lauer is getting a reading from a psychic on his show, thus promoting them, who basically parrots back stuff he can find online and Matt buys it (exposed by Last Week Tonight at 8 mins 40 seconds)

Examples of "psychics" on TV who are really just con men/women using cold reading:

Summary: Not one real psychic has been found anywhere on TV. In fact, no proof of psychics appears to exist anywhere at all.


How to Cold Read People and Become Psychic
How become Psychic and Cold Read People - If you want to learn how to be psychic, then here are 12 Cold reading techniques from The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading by Ian Rowland. This video will teach you how to predict the future and how to cold read in order to impress others, for entertainment purposes or to build connection. By learning how professional fake psychics and fortune tellers trick others, you can prevent getting scammed and manipulated. If you would like more cold reading techniques and examples than what was provided in this video, then check out the link below.

 Learn more Cold Reading Techniques 

Cold Reading demonstrated in South Park: The Other Side The Biggest Douche in the Universe s06e15 - Stan gets his own show and uses it to prove his point.

Reality Bites

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