Nov 9, 2016

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 2

Part 1: The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 1

Part 2...

TRUTH SQUAD APRIL 7, 2004 - In an attempt to make sense of the 2004 election Fox News creates a not-so-non partisan "truth squad." (2:37)

MOMENT OF ZEN - THE FOX RAP JUNE 5, 2003 - Those hounds at Fox News (0:11)

TONY SNOW JULY 8, 2003 - Tony Snow thinks the key to Fox News' success has to do with the non-morons they put on the air. (6:50)

FOX NEWS SEPTEMBER 21, 2004 - The dignified pinkie of protest is being raised against the banning of the fox hunt. (1:40)

BILL KRISTOL NOVEMBER 4, 2004 - Bill Kristol believes the people who read The Weekly Standard and watch Fox News have the right information. (6:43)

The Daily Show Does Fox News

Daily Show Does The Pundits

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