Nov 9, 2016

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 17 (2008)

SOUTH CAROLINA DEBATE JANUARY 22, 2008 - Jon watches the CNN Democratic debate from within his own patented Presidential Debate Rave House and Swingatorium. (5:03)

MOMENT OF ZEN - REAGAN'S DESK JANUARY 30, 2008 - CNN's John Roberts is speechless behind Ronald Reagan's desk. (0:16)

THE SITUATION ROOM JANUARY 31, 2008 - One of the screens on CNN's Situation Room about John Edwards' presidential withdrawal may just be a hilarious f**k-up. (2:48)

MOMENT OF ZEN - BEATS FOR AFRICA FEBRUARY 28, 2008 - A CNN correspondent closes out a piece with a horribly obvious visual metaphor. (0:08)

MISSISSIPPI PRIMARY MARCH 12, 2008 - Jon uses a koala bear, stock car racing and a touch screen to needle CNN's worthless commentary. (2:36)

The Daily Show Does CNN

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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