Nov 10, 2016

Opposing Donald Trump Using The Constitution - With Lawrence O'Donnell

This post covers some of the unconstitutional promises Trump made and how to oppose them.

How the U.S. Constitution curtails Trump For all those worried about what power President-elect Trump could wield, Lawrence reminds us that our Founding Fathers already put something in place to protect us from that: the U.S. Constitution.

Don't treat Trump as 'normal' Will the 'Normalization' of Donald Trump's behavior begin in the media or will his outrageous language and beliefs be scrutinized? Writer Anand Giridharadas joins Lawrence.

Note: The right wing echo chamber media created fear and paranoia - using fake news and by demonizing Liberals like Hitler did with other countries (Jews being the Muslims this time) - managed to create the Orwellian nightmare they were worried about, i.e. that a person could come to office with the sort of promises that Trump came in with (mostly, it seems, because his base doesn't believe he's really gonna do all the stuff he said). That said, they did cover up the Iraq War to help thier bosses make money off oil using taxpayer money and lives... so this was a long time coming.

Tavis Smiley reacts to Donald Trump's election PBS host and author Tavis Smiley says racism, sexism and classism received the "GOP seal of approval" in last night's election of Donald Trump. Smiley joins Lawrence to discuss his reaction to the presidential election.

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