Oct 9, 2016

The Watters World Con: Jesse Watters Takes His Demonizing For The O Reilly Factor A Bit Too Far & Gets Slammed For It

Watters World is a con within a con, so to speak. This post outlines how Watters World uses biased "reporting" to demonize people along it's traditional "liberals are Nazis" line. I would just like to point out that their demonizing strategies got a Judge killed, started a planned parenthood shooting (two of them counting what Bill did) and inspired (or at least caters to) the worldviews of multiple right wing terrorist shootings/murders.

In the following segment you see Watters World pick on old people who can't speak English (totally in line with their party's political strategy though);

"THE O'REILLY FACTOR" HEADS TO CHINA TOWN 10/06/2016 Ronny Chieng unpacks an "O'Reilly Factor" segment where correspondent Jesse Watters mocks Chinese Americans in New York City's Chinatown. (5:20)

The original segment;

Watters' World: Chinatown edition Oct. 03, 2016 - 4:49 - Jesse Watters asks the folks about election 2016 and Chinese-U.S. relations on 'The O'Reilly Factor'


Related article: WATCH: “The Daily Show” takes on Fox News host Jesse Watters’ racist Chinatown skit: When they mention Mexico, do you send someone to Taco Bell?” Trevor Noah sent correspondent Ronny Chieng to New York's Chinatown to interview people sans smug Orientalism

Here is an example of asking people about Mike Pence right after the VP debate, Watters World style;

WHO IS MIKE PENCE? OCTOBER 4, 2016 - Jordan Klepper learns about Donald Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, and his questionable record on public health, LGBT issues and reproductive rights as Indiana's governor. (4:36)

Here are some more examples of weirdly demonizing sort of behavior that is commonplace on Watters World (not an every episode thing, obviously, as it would be obvious and tiring);

Watters' World: Clinton rally edition Sep. 23, 2016 - 5:20 - Jesse Watters asks the folks why they support the Democratic presidential candidate on 'The O'Reilly Factor'


The basic strategy Watters World seems to be following, I call the 'All Liberals Are Nazis' tactic.

Bill O Reilly thinks he is defending himself when he says 'I was referring to far left as Nazis' in the following segment

BILL O'REILLY DEFENDS HIS NAZI ANALOGIESJANUARY 27, 2011 - Bill O'Reilly explains that he had a good reason for comparing Arianna Huffington to Nazis. (6:47)

But, first of all, Nazis have always been right wing Christians and second, 'far left Nazi' is such a general term that anyone or any group could fit the description. For example here is Bill O Reilly killing a "far left" abortion doctor;
O'Reilly Repeatedly Demonized Abortion Provider Dr. George Tiller And Then Lied About It After Tiller Was Murdered
• O'Reilly Repeatedly Referred To Tiller As "The Baby Killer." [6/2/09]
• In 2006, O'Reilly Sent His Producer To "Confront" The "Doctor Known As Tiller The Baby Killer." [11/8/06]
• In 2007, O'Reilly Again Sent A Producer To Ambush The "Doctor Known As Tiller The Baby Killer." [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 6/12/07]
• After Tiller Was Murdered, O'Reilly Repeatedly Falsely Claimed He Had Only Reported What Other Groups Called Tiller. [6/2/09]
• O'Reilly Subsequently Accused Joan Walsh Of Having "Blood On Her Hands" For Defending Tiller. [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 6/12/09]
• In 2012, O'Reilly Was Still Claiming That "What Tiller Was Doing Was Murder."[Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 3/1/12]

Other such killings by Traitor Republicans calling it "free speech" when all it really is is right wing terrorism is covered here;


Flashback to one where Bill helped start a panic and then started acting smart;

Watters' World: Ebola edition Oct. 20, 2014 - 4:38 - Jesse Watters heads to the New York City Port Authority Bus terminal to ask the folks about the deadly virus


At 2:50 Watters points out that the Ebola Czar is not a Medical Doctor, i.e. he seems to believe that the administrative tasks for battling the spread of the disease (now that a cure has obviously been found) should be in the hands of the people least equipped to handle such a task, doctors.

At 4 mins: Watters says 'you're giving me advice of not to mock people' i.e. it's what Bill O Reilly is all about. Mocking people. Making fools of people. Lying to people and make them do the wrong thing while he laughs at how much damage he has been able to do with his lies and deceptions.


Related videos - 
Stephen Colbert On The O Reilly Factor's "Watters World";

"WATTERS' WORLD" MAY 1, 2014 - "The O'Reilly Factor" correspondent Jesse Watters hits the streets in a segment highlighting the ignorance of America's youth. (3:32)

"WATTERS' WORLD" - TAD'S TURFMAY 1, 2014 - Stephen's building manager visits Columbia University in an effort to find laughably ignorant students. (5:01)

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