Oct 9, 2016

Mike Pence VS Tim Kaine: A Pointless Debate That Meant Nothing

AFTERMATH OF THE 2016 VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE OCTOBER 5, 2016 - During the vice presidential debate, Mike Pence upstaged Donald Trump with an adept performance, and Tim Kaine couldn't stop interrupting his Republican opponent. (3:02)


The following shows side by side comments revealing that Trump and his VP pick, Mike Pence, agree on very little... which doesn't matter because Vice Presidents don't have any power anyways.

The Question;

Trump's answer;

Mike Pence answers;

The Question;

Trump answers;

Mike Pence answers;

That's how it is on many issues. How Pence balances the ticket is anyones guess. My guess is that Trump wanted an opponent closeby to show he has many views when in reality he only has one (including his flip flops). Ultimately, if Trump wins he will do what he want and Pence will have no power to stop him so any conservative thinking Pence represents them is fooling themselves cause Pence is just a powerless figurehead on a Trump Pence ticket.

That said. Here's more about Mike Pence;

WHO IS MIKE PENCE? OCTOBER 4, 2016 - Jordan Klepper learns about Donald Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, and his questionable record on public health, LGBT issues and reproductive rights as Indiana's governor. (4:36)

Related VP debate videos;

VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE WRAP-UP OCTOBER 4, 2016 - During the 2016 vice presidential debate, Mike Pence deflects questions about Donald Trump's scandals, and Tim Kaine fights back with pre-rehearsed zingers. (11:11)

Related video about Mike Pence;

A Million Gays to Deny in the Midwest - Indiana Governor Mike Pence signs legislation to protect religious freedom in his state, but the law leads to discrimination against the LGBT community. (6:30)

Notice how the people who this bill was written for were standing around Indiana's Governor Pence when he signed the bill;

Introduction To The GOP

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