Oct 9, 2016

The Daily Show Fact Checks The First Presidential Debate (And Reveals One Of Trump's Tells)

WHAT THE ACTUAL FACT? - THE FIRST CLINTON-TRUMP DEBATE SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 - Desi Lydic takes a closer look at claims Donald Trump made in the first presidential debate regarding his denial of global warming and his insults aimed at Rosie O'Donnell. (5:34)

First, some background;

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Now, one of the key's to understanding what Donald Trump means, "Everytime he says 'I never said that', he definitely said that";

It's rare that we know EXACTLY what a person's tell is when they are lying but now we do know Trump's tell.

Proof 1:

Trump responds forcefully (& inaccurately);

Here Desi plays back a clip of Trump saying EXACTLY what he said he 'never said';

Such an easy catch ... it's almost as if Trump doesn't think there will be a day after the debate!

Proof 2:

This lie is so well documented even I have an outline of WHEN Trump said he was against the Iraq War and where the actual war was at that time.
(Click here to check out my timeline on Trump's lies on the Iraq war using Daily Show videos for illustration)

It clearly shows that when the war had been going on for a year (AND Bush had declared mission accomplished and begun going for the oil) THAT's when Trump said he didn't like the war. In other words, he was just saying what most people were probably saying around him. Not a big deal for a parrot of whatever view he finds in front of himself.

Trump argues for his stance on Rosie O Donnell being a plus point... either Trump is trying to appeal to the 'All liberals as Nazis' crowd that Bill caters to and creates ... OR this is the biggest prank in history.

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