Oct 10, 2016

Halloween With The Daily Show Part 2

Part 1: Halloween With The Daily Show Part 1

Part 2;

HEADLINES - THE COSTUMER'S ALWAYS WRONG OCTOBER 17, 2000 - A Harry Potter costume recall prevents thousands of asses from being kicked and thousands of pounds of candy from being stolen on Halloween. (1:29)

INTRO - HAPPY HALLOWEEN, NOT OCTOBER 26, 2000 - Jon gets Halloween wrong. (0:34)

BACK IN BLACK - HALLOWEEN OCTOBER 31, 2001 - Lewis Black discovers new trends in hippopotamus feed, a domestic python and a screaming contest in Thailand. (2:36)

AMERICA FREAKS OUT - PET COSTUMES NOVEMBER 1, 2001 - Matt Walsh travels to Afghanistan to find out if Osama bin Laden costumes his pets for Halloween. (2:32)

Halloween Specials

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