Oct 30, 2016

Halloween With The Daily Show Part 8

Part 7: Halloween With The Daily Show Part 7

Part 8...

MOMENT OF ZEN - "ROSEWATER" & THE UNDERCOVER DONALD DUCK NOVEMBER 12, 2014 - Jon announces a special screening of "Rosewater," and unsuspecting drivers in Fort Lee, New Jersey, receive unusual traffic citations on Halloween. (0:34)

WAR ON HALLOWEEN - MATT LAUER'S COSTUME OCTOBER 31, 2013 - Stephen has always reveled in the Halloween spirit, but Matt Lauer might have ruined the holiday forever. (2:26)

WAR ON HALLOWEEN - FLAMING BAGS OF GOVERNMENT OCTOBER 28, 2014 - The federal government inserts its own agenda into Halloween, spoiling America's spooky-time fun. (4:28)

PANEL - OFFENSIVE HALLOWEEN COSTUMESNOVEMBER 2, 2015 - Bob Saget, Mike Yard and Ana Kasparian debate the appropriateness of several provocative Halloween costumes, from a predatory Bill Cosby to a baby Adolf Hitler. (6:40)

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