Oct 30, 2016

Halloween With The Daily Show Part 7

Part 6: Halloween With The Daily Show Part 6

Part 7...

VOTER FRAUD ALERT - HALLOWEEN & PENNSYLVANIA OCTOBER 4, 2012 - While asking for a photo ID is now meaningless, Pennsylvania election officials are still allowed the consolation prize of harassing voters for no reason. (3:31)

Note: A strategy of harassing voters was used on Matthew Mcconaughey and his friends in the movie "Free State of Jones". Tactics may change, but the Southern Lords strategies remain the same (i.e. Democrats in the Free State of Jones are the Southerners who are Republican now... they switched parties but are carrying on the same agenda!)

WAR ON HALLOWEEN - COSTUME SWAPPING & JESUS WEEN OCTOBER 26, 2011 - Planet huggers turn America's Almond Joy into almond shame, and a Christian group in Texas hands out Bibles instead of candy. (3:31)

STEPHEN GHOULBERT'S SPOOKY-TIME HALLOWEEN FUN GUIDE - Tom Hanks would rather help America's children than promote his latest film, "Cloud Atlas," in which he plays six different characters. (9:49)

MALICE IN BLUNDERLAND JANUARY 10, 2012 - Conservative pundits criticize the Obama White House for throwing an extravagant Halloween party for the children of U.S. troops. (5:06)

SEXY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES OCTOBER 22, 2013 - Kristen Schaal unveils her line of sexy Halloween costumes for both men and women. (5:43)

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