Apr 6, 2013

North Korea Is Using Propaganda To Dig Its Own Grave!

As North Korea ratchets up it's propaganda, the west seeks diplomacy.

N.Korea is using a basic reversal strategy perfected by the GOP under Bush, which isn't a good sign (i.e. Iraq was for oil & Afghanistan occupation was possibly for drugs - as poppy production had ceased to exist before the invasion, well almost - but what North Korea is just doing it for power & ego, which has a faster fall than what the GOP did). In the same way as Justin Bieber doesn't have anyone to bring him down from an ego-trip there is no one for North Korea's Kim to bring him down from an ego trip. The thing of a cult of personality is, that once it starts, its all you/bro...or in this case, everything going forward is Kim's responsibility. He should open up his country the way China did (but faster) as that may be the only way to avoid war in the long run.

If North Korea is depending on the US to not want to trigger a war, given the rhetoric coming out of South Korea, then they have a lesson to learn.

The US military loves to go to war, they are particularly found of bombing brown people but they literally blew up cities of, as they (GOP) see it, Japs or Yellow people. The average American cares about as much for a North Korean as they did for Japan in World War 2.

George Carlin on bombing brown people...

If North Korea continues on it's current path, it's going to get bombed to hell. Not precision striking, the military is practically run by Neo-Nazis (remember that soldier that went on a brown people shooting spree? He's still alive! South Korea is fed up as well). John Kerry probably wants to bomb North Korea, I'm sure there is some money he & his buddies can make from it. We may very well be watching the end of an idiot regime applying 19th Century tyrannical policies to a 21st Century world.

Commando Duck (1944)...

Beating Japan was a challenge...  beating North Korea (with it's outdated military hardware) will be easy, in fact they will probably toy with them and kill innocents for fun before taking out a missile with a carefully aimed space lazer or ground missile if they want to protect innocents (as Bush put it, and as Israel practices, they have to 'decide which attacks to allow'. They may attack themselves to get a war started, why push them?)

The following cartoon (along with other "Hook" cartoons) was found by accident in the garage of a former soldier who had saved them, thinking they were "Private Snafu" shorts. The cartoon was finally discovered in the mid-1990s when an A&E documentary on war cartoons began production. It turned out that Warners made these shorts for the US Navy and because they wanted to keep this a secret, all original negatives were destroyed shortly after release. The "Hook" shorts that were given to the cartoon researchers had "vinegar syndrome" and have deteriorated, but fortunately before that happened, they transferred them to video. -From IMBB

Tokyo Woes...

Tokyo Jokyo (1943)...

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