Apr 6, 2013

World War 2 Resources for Understanding & Dealing With Nazis/KKK/White-Supremists/GOP/Republicans

BACKGROUND (psychological development, or rather, lack of it): Ducktators: An Ancient Cartoon With Modern Lessons 

The Parallels Between WW2 Propaganda Cartoon "Hitlers Children" & The GOP-Nazis

Hitlers Children...


*Approved names list has changed as the movement was crushed in WW2. In starting from scratch (from Texas) they had to, obviously  relax some membership requirements allowing a more varied background of white people to join the cause*

At  1 min 30 secs  encouragement to have more children as they are needed for the army.

The book changed to "Road to Serfdom", most recently.

The rest of the cartoon explains how the basic education of a Nazi child works. Notice the parallels with GOP rhetoric here: Ducktators: An Ancient Cartoon With Modern Lessons   i.e. guilt and shame are combined with anger to train a Nazi-Child /GOP-Adult.

Notice the similarities between Hitler's Nazi policies and modern GOP policies? Here is a visual representation...

Here are some links:

Rachel Maddow Video: Here is the GOP answering questions on abortion etc. during the general elections

Arizona lawmakers declare that pregnancy begins two weeks before conception 

A GOP Woman Caught Lying (during a debate on rape!)Or She Thought USA Is India! 

Paul Ryan Defends His Abortion Record In The General Elections

Mitt Romney On Abortions (For and Against!) 

Lets continue with my resources for dealing with Nazis/White-Supremists/KKK:

Hitler Blitz Wolf (They love to 'blow peoples houses down'-Metaphor)...

Der Fuehrers Face (they love Hitler as he fought and killed for white people i.e. the "Aryan Race")...

Herr Meets Hare (they fear people who beat the Nazis - WW2 Vets)...

By the way... guess what I discovered in my studies...

Images: Could Ancient Swastikas Have Actually Been Boomerangs?

The diffusion of swastikas across the planet is an old story...

This one is from Oklahoma...

Engraved design on conch drinking cup from Craig Mound, Spiro with four Piasa figures (part snake, cat, and bird) arranged in swastika around a central circle and cross.

This one is from India...

This one is from Hitler..

This is what Aborigine boomerangs look like...

Finally, check out these modern sports boomerangs...

Example 1

Example 2

Questions to ask yourself:

Could the boomerang have been an old weapon that came in many forms including that of a swastika? Could bows and arrows have made this an obsolete weapon? Now it's the symbol of people with the minds of Neanderthals... though that may be an insult to the Neanderthals as they seem to have been more than what we assumed... though some, may have been white!(especially considering the red haired gene that was found to be peculiar to the Neanderthal descendants)

More in-depth background

Morgan Freeman on the tea party, racism and Obama

Racism 1 - North-South Cultural Division in The USA

Racism 2 - North-South Cultural Division in The USA 

Racism 3 - North-South Cultural Division in The USA  

KKK/Nazis: The Rise of Right-Wing Militias in America (They Are IN The Tea Party) 

CNN Documentary: God's Christian Warriors (Nazi's are a white CHRISTIAN Movement) 

White Terrorists Probed in Killings of the Texas DA (ONLY white males are suspects in shootings!) 

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