Nov 28, 2022

Tucker - The Pedophile - Carlson Is Either Projecting His Own Pedophilia On To Trans People Or Is Framing Them To Protect His Own Party's Pedophiles, Such As Himself

Previously: 1. FIRE Tucker - The Pedophile - Carlson: During Interviews On Bubba The Love Sponge, Carlson Said He “Love[s]” The Idea Of Young Girls In His Daughters Boarding School "Sexually Experimenting"

2. More Evidence Of Tucker Carlson Being A Pedophile: Harassing School Kids On A Regular Basis And Defending Roy Moore

Media Matters: Mass shooting at Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub comes amid a right-wing media hate campaign against drag queens (of which Tucker - The Pedophile - Carlson is a big part)

Recap: In a buried audio of Tucker Carlson that Media Matters unearthed, he admits to liking imagining certain sexual situations for 14 year old girls, as long as its not his 14 year old daughter, i.e. Tucker admits to being into pedophilia but against incest. Given what Trump says about his daughter it makes sense that Tucker would make that distinction. Anyways, here is the written extract of Tucker - The Pedophile - Carlson joyously revealing his pedophilia; At 2:06 of this video-audio

THE LOVE SPONGE: Next thing you know, [inaudible], what's going on in the [inaudible] dormitory? Nothing. I don't got a PSP to play, I ain't got nothing going on, I ain't got my mom and dad here telling me that they love me and tuck me in bed. So, here's Trixie, she wants to explore my body a little bit, so hey, let's go crazy.

CO-HOST: Wow. You're a sicko.

CARLSON: If it weren't my daughter I would love that scenario.

CO-HOST: That's one theory.

THE LOVE SPONGE: Well I mean it's a -- Manson, Manson, can you tell him --

CARLSON: But I just can't. And I just think that's pretty unlikely --

THE LOVE SPONGE: As outlandish as that is, how old is your daughter?


Apparently he and his friends think fantasizing about 14 year olds is OK. Then you notice he also supported Roy Moore an old guy who would haunt high schools and is accused of propositioning a 14 year old, which makes sense as he openly admitted to first notice how hot his wife is when she was 15. Tucker supported - and still supports Matt Gaetz. Clearly, pedophilia for Tucker Carlson & The GOP begins at an age younger than 14 while for a normal person 14 is young enough to be labeled a pedophile. Why people aren't talking about Tucker Calsons's open admittance of pedophilia boggles the mind. I heard he apologized for being rude to women... but how does that excuse his pedophiliac fantasies? Probably some sort of Victorian era remnant in society that tries to smooth out the bad stuff like the Royal Family does.

Anyways, I've pointed out how Tucker has been obsessed with kids, probably because of his sexual frustrations for lack of access to kids. He defended Alex Jones when he made up false stories about Sandy Hook etc. , taking out his anger/sexual-frustrations out that way and now Tucker the Pedophile Carlson is picking on kids of another classification to obsess about as an outlet for his sexual frustrations;

People smarter than me are saying its projection, i.e. Tucker has a certain perverted way of looking at life, such as with his pedophilia, so he is imagining his own desires/faults in others. 

However, maybe Tucker is not projecting he's framing. Projecting assumes Tucker is stupid but maybe he's smart? In other words, Tucker knows that he's a pedophile and many of his friends are pedophiles, such as Roy Moore, Matt Gaetz, an ex Republican Speaker of the House and other Christians who think a girl becomes a woman and is marriageable material after her first period (such as Matt Gaetz) or are priests in a Church (Catholic Priests have traditionally been pedophiles, which speaks volumes about Christianity's age limits... is that why the GOP is so willing to support pedophiles for office? They are, afterall, many documented pedophiles in the Republican Party).

Trump famously was friends with a pedophile Epstein and wished his associate well showing where he stands on pedophilia (covered over by media). 

So Tucker/Fox/GOP/AlexJones decided to pick a scapegoat group that he could frame for the Republican party's pedophiles. Here is a list of confirmed Republican pedophiles. Afterall, Qanon accurately believes that there are pedophiles in power, they just don't realize that they are in the Republican party and are projecting/framing this onto the more modern liberals.

One also needs to keep in mind that the GOP and Fox News has a tendency of "blaming others for their faults" which can be called projection, i.e. imagining  others to have their faults but it seems more likely its an intentional strategy to HIDE their faults that they are very aware of, such as their many documented pedophiles (as listed above). Given how Tucker - The Pedophile - Carlson is treated its clear that the left has problems calling a pedophile a pedophile, so if the right starts calling everyone else pedophiles then they can control the narrative and keep attention off their own party. Here is a list of Republican pedophiles that have been confirmed. And media will help of course. That's their pattern. That will help maintain Qanon type politics for a while as the documented pedophiles such as Tucker, Roy Moore, Matt Gaetz and Trump will be protected from being called out for what they are. 

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