Oct 24, 2018

Fox News Takes Treason To The Next Level By Blaming Right Wing Violence On The Left (And, Of Course, Ignoring Right Wing Violence All Together!)

1. Trump's Terrorist Attack On the Press (With Fox News Support)
2. Republicans Demonstrate How To Kill People With Rhetoric (Something We Know Can Be Done Since The 1900s!)... Can Regular Citizens Get Secret Service Protection Too?
3. The Right Wing Are Basically Terrorists Or "Terrorist Creators" (Alt Right Terrorists Is The Politically Correct Term)
4. Using Lies & Out Of Context Quotes Fox News Tries To Paint The Left As A Mob
5. Its Impossible To Talk About Trump And His Decisions Without Fox News

This post shows that Trump. GOP and Fox News are - Obviously - Seeking To Drum Up Violent Reaction From Their Followers......

Fox's midterm engagement strategy is telling its viewers that Democrats are coming to kill them

With the midterm elections only four weeks away, a slew of Fox News commentators are warning their conservative viewers that they are physically imperiled by a “violent” leftist “mob” and must vote to keep Republicans in power in order to protect themselves. Their argument is an effort to turn out the GOP base by weaponizing conservative criticism of the protestors who opposed Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.
“Anyone who sits right of center, anyone who's a Trump supporter, we're all targets” of public harassment from the left, contributor Tomi Lahren explained on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning. “The average citizen, if you're on the right, should be concerned and in danger.” Sebastian Gorka, a former White House aide now at Fox, similarly argued that the Democrats had “normalized violence in America,” comparing the need to fight back against that purported effort to the Revolutionary War.
Fox’s message has not appeared in a vacuum -- as usual, the network is taking cues from the Republican Party. Most Americans disapprove of the job President Donald Trump is doing and abhor the Republican Congress, making it more likely that Democrats will gain control of the House or Senate and exercise much-needed oversight of the administration. In response, Republicans have seized on protests against Kavanaugh’s confirmation, trying to whip up their base by conflating those protests and Democrats as a whole. That opposition, they claim, is a dangerous “mob” that cannot be allowed to gain power.
“In their quest for power, the radical Democrats have turned into an angry mob,” Trump said at a rally in Topeka, KS, on Saturday. “You don't hand matches to an arsonist, and you don't give power to an angry left-wing mob. That's what they have become. The Democrats have become too extreme and too dangerous to govern.”
Trump’s framing of the midterm elections as a battle against the “angry left-wing mob” consumed Fox’s prime-time programming on Monday.
“In 29 days, the choice is going to be clear,” argued Sean Hannity, the Trump propagandist with so much influence on the president that White House aides describe him as the shadow chief of staff. “Do you want mob rule or law and order?” He went on to say that viewers who lived in states with toss-up Senate races had the opportunity to reject senators who “gave in to the Democratic mob” by voting against Kavanaugh’s confirmation, adding that “there are no more moderates left in the Democratic Party,” which has “evolved into a party of the radical far left.”

Laura Ingraham, who at one point was considered for the White House communications director job, made the exact same point on her Fox show. “There is too much on the line for intraparty squabbles any longer,” she argued Monday. “And the choice for voters is now really simple. Mob rule or the rule of law? Perpetual rage or real results?” Later in the program, Monica Crowley, a Fox contributor who decided not to join the Trump administration following the revelation that she had plagiarized parts of her book, argued that the left is “violent” and “at war” against, among other things, “individual liberty.”
And Tucker Carlson, another host with keen influence over the president, said that Democratic donor Tom Steyer’s claim that Kavanaugh had been supported by “entitled white men” was “exactly the kind of thing that Hutu leaders in Rwanda were saying in the early 1990s” before committing genocide against the Tutsi tribe.
Fox has long operated as the communications arm of the Republican Party, remaking itself since Trump’s ascension as his personal propaganda outlet. Expect to see its commentators pull out all the stops over the next month in order to maintain congressional Republicans’ majority and protect Trump from meaningful oversight.

Fox ramps up election strategy of convincing viewers that Democrats are coming to kill them

If you tuned in to Fox News over the last week, you may have heard Democrats described as a nascent “brown shirt party” or a “lynch mob” led by a “street thug” who is urging party activists to physically assaultRepublicans.
The conservative network has been warning its audience of GOP base voters that their very lives may be at stake if they don’t turn out to vote in the midterm elections and allow Democrats to triumph. That message aligns with what President Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee, and congressional Republicans have been arguing as the elections approach.
Fox has long acted as the Republican Party’s communications arm, serving as a megaphone for the party and championing its candidates. Now, that effort has been super-charged by its feedback loop with the president as he and the network unite to try to get Republican voters to the polls next month.
On Monday morning, Trump tweeted:

“The only way to shut down the Democrats new Mob Rule strategy is to stop them cold at the Ballot Box. The fight for America’s future is never over!” Ben Shapiro
Trump was citing a comment Fox host Ben Shapiro made the previous night on his weekly show putatively devoted to the election. Shapiro brought up the purported Democratic “mob rule” plan during a segmenthighlighting “10 reasons you should go out to vote on November 6 and vote Republican.” “Your vote matters, your vote counts,” Shapiro said to close the segment. “Get out there on Election Day and ensure the Democratic Party of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton aren’t allowed anywhere near the levers of power.”
That same morning, the hosts and guests of Fox & Friends, one of the president’s favorite programs, pushed this strategy in at least three different ways: They contrasted the purported Democratic message of violence against a supposed Republican message of policy; they lifted up cases of left-wing violence while ignoring cases of right-wing violence; and they took comments made by Democrats out of context to pretend they were actually calls for violence.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Fox & Friends' election message: Dems are the party of the mob and antifa, Republicans are the party of jobs.

Democratic “mobs” versus Republican “jobs”

Fox & Friends’ commentators depicted the choice voters face in November as one between a Republican message of jobs and a Democratic one of “mob rule.”
“I don't think America likes violence in the street. Political violence has no place in America,” Fox’s Stuart Varney argued. “The emotion of the mob and the nonsense of socialism combined, I think, is an untenable position. Meanwhile, as you point out, President Trump’s out there holding these rallies, pounding the table, very confident of the performance of the economy. There is a sharp contrast here.”
Trump himself couldn’t have said it better.

Ignoring far-right violence

On Friday, before a scheduled appearance in which Gavin McInnes had promised to re-enact the violent 1960 murder of a Japanese socialist, the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan was vandalized with anarchist graffiti and broken windows. McInnes, who is the founder of Proud Boys, a far-right violent street gang, has a long record of making calls for violence against the left, and after the event, his minions acted. Proud Boys “got in a violent encounter on the streets of New York on Friday night after a speech from … McInnes, with videos showing more than a dozen members of the group kicking and punching people on the ground,” The Daily Beast reported. New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo subsequently asked federal and state law enforcement to aid the New York Police Department’s probe.
But when Fox & Friends discussed the situation on Monday, the hosts focused solely on the left-wing vandalism -- which they attributed to “antifa,” the anti-fascist activists who have long been a network bugaboo-- and ignored the right-wing violence. The program did something similar over the weekend.
Over the caption “Antifa Threatens NY Republicans,” on Monday, co-host Steve Doocy asked Marc Molinaro, the Republican nominee for governor of New York, his thoughts on the group. Molinaro responded that the vandalism was “an outrageous attack” that “threatened staff and the people in that building” before saying there’s a need for those on “all sides of the aisle” to “tone down the rhetoric.” He went on to criticize Cuomo for supposedly wanting “nothing more than to talk about that.”
The point about Cuomo might have confused viewers, as Fox & Friends had not mentioned either the violence by the Proud Boys or Cuomo’s subsequent actions.

Pretending that Democrats are calling for violence

Much of the right-wing’s “mob” critique involves breathlessly reading comments from Democrats in bad faith to claim that those Democrats are issuing calls for violence, rather than using metaphors. For much of last week, right-wing media were transfixed by comments by former Attorney General Eric Holder, which conservatives took out of context to suggest that he literally called for Democrats to “kick” Republicans. It was mind-numbingly obvious that Holder was speaking metaphorically -- indeed, he specifically said as much at the time.
On Fox & Friends this morning, the crew attempted a similar smear against actor Alec Baldwin. During a Sunday night speech at a fundraiser for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Baldwin said, “The way we implement change in America is through elections. We change governments here at home in an orderly and formal way. In that orderly and formal way and lawful way, we need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump.” There is no fair way to read these comments as anything other than a call for Americans to vote for Democrats in order to change the party that controls Congress.
Nonetheless, Fox & Friends did it. The program aired portions of Baldwin’s remarks -- neatly excising his specific references to elections -- then hosted right-wing commentator Dan Bongino to discuss them. Bongino called Baldwin a “deranged lunatic,” adding, “There isn’t a lawful way to overthrow the government.”
Edging perilously close to the truth, Doocy responded by suggesting that Baldwin might have been referring to elections. But after Bongino and co-host Brian Kilmeade quickly rejected this obviously correct theory, Doocy responded, “I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

Meet The Press sanitizes Proud Boys’ involvement in Miami protests Host Chuck Todd discusses “angry people left and right” ahead of midterms, doesn’t mention that one party has a violent extremist group on its side

On October 17, protesters organized by the Republican Party of Miami-Dade, FL, gathered outside the campaign headquarters of Democratic congressional candidate Donna Shalala ahead of scheduled appearances by Reps. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Barbara Lee (D-CA). The chair of the local Republican party was recorded aggressively knocking on the door of the venue as members of the violent extremist group Proud Boys yelled expletives at Pelosi.
As The Miami Herald reported:
[Miami-Dade Republican Party chair Nelson] Diaz, who is Cuban-American, was videotaped during the protest repeatedly banging on a locked door used moments earlier by Pelosi to enter Shalala’s campaign offices. He stood by as a member of the so-called Proud Boys, a national organization characterized as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, heckled and hurled expletives at Pelosi as she walked inside.
“You don’t belong here you f**king communist,” the Proud Boy, Enrique Tarrio, is heard yelling. “Open up, it’s the Proud Boys in here.”
Diaz later told the Herald that he apologized for his own behavior. He also denied knowing about the group prior to the protest and said he did not invite them.
In a panel discussion on the October 21 edition of NBC’s Meet The Press, host Chuck Todd addressed “anger on the left and right” ahead of the midterms, and showed part of the video of the protesters and Proud Boys members heckling Pelosi and later banging on the door as it closed. He then noted vaguely, “Dade County Republican Party chairman actually apologized for the treatment of that.”
Based on this sanitizing statement, viewers might believe that the local GOP chair was admonishing a protest that got out of hand -- not that he himself was knocking angrily on the door alongside members of the Proud Boys. In fact, Todd didn’t mention the group “Proud Boys” at all in the discussion, let alone give any hint of its well-documented white supremacist ties or violent history, including when its members violently beat protesters on the streets of New York City days earlier as they yelled anti-LGBTQ slurs.
Below is the full panel segment with some selected transcript.

It’s not just Dem officials: Trump takes aim at Democratic voters

Donald Trump has grown increasingly unrestrained in his condemnations of Democratic officials, condemning them as, among other things, “evil.”
But the president isn’t just concerned about Democratic candidates and officeholders. At a campaign rally in Arizona the other day, Trump took aim at Democratic voters, too:
“They’re only sticking together because they want to make sure that I and we don’t get what they know our country needs. But I think they may be forced politically to do it, because I got to tell you, anybody that votes for a Democrat now is crazy.”
He was referring, of course, to roughly half the electorate in the country Trump ostensibly leads.
Which brings us back to a point we discussed a couple of weeks ago. Around this point in the 2016 election cycle, Hillary Clinton delivered remarks in which she took aim at Trump’s radicalized base. To be “grossly generalistic,” she said, “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables.’”
More specifically, Clinton lamented the fact that so much of Trump’s core support is “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, [and] Islamaphobic” – an assessment that stood up pretty well to further scrutiny.

While Fox News calls people angry about lies "haters", actual hate groups always seem to come from thier ranks (must be a trend is what I'm saying, like how white supremicists and KKK always vote Republican, since Nixon made Republicanism the party of the South without any of its corresponding morals)

Right-wing hate group heckles Nancy PelosiThe Republican organizer of a shout-down protest of Nancy Pelosi is apologizing for protesting alongside an ultra-right wing hate group.

More details of incendiary rhetoric designed for terrorism;

This sort of terrorist style fear mongering is the GOP's actual strategy under Trump;

Trump, GOP look to stoke fear in base to goose election turnout Caitlin Dickerson, national immigration reporter for The New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about the Trump administration's turn to trying to frighten the Republican base with scary immigration imagery and tough-guy policy proposals ahead of the 2018 election.

CNN's New Day: "President Trump is waging a fact-free campaign of fear ahead of the midterm elections" John Berman: "There is no evidence for some of these claims, which might be the very point. ... The falsehood, or, in some cases, the lie, is meant to scare you."


Fascism expert on MSNBC: "We're seeing fascist tactics" like "hypernationalism" and "fear of the other" employed in the US
MIKA BRZEZINSKI (CO-HOST): Joining us now, Yale professor Jason Stanley. He has been studying fascist propaganda for the past decade.
So what are we seeing right now here with President Trump and the United States of America. You have people like former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright pointedly saying this is how it begins. How would you see it? 
JASON STANLEY (PROFESSOR, YALE UNIVERSITY): Well, my work is about fascist politics and fascist propaganda. And I don't think there's any doubt that we're seeing fascist tactics being employed -- hypernationalism, power, loyalty, fear of the other. I explained fascism to my 3-year-old as, in fascism, there's one big daddy and I see where -- I think we are seeing that kind of politics all across the world and here in the United States as well. 

Hannity and his guests lie about violent rioting by pro-Trump supporters, claim it was "the left" Hannity: "This is coming from the left, the radical left"

SEAN SPICER: The concern to me is it all seems coming in one direction. And instead of denouncing it you know the media would be out there asking the right to do that if it was going in that direction, instead you see the left doubling down. Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, as you mentioned, Eric Holder. These people are doubling down, inciting it, if this was the right doing it to the left Sean, if these were Donald Trump supporters there would be outrage on every one of those left-wing cable news time and time again.
SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Not only Portland last weekend and this weekend but New York this weekend and a bunch of anarchists go to the New York GOP club, Republican club, whatever it happens to be and they’re committing vandalism, anarchist signs that they’re putting up etcetera and then there’s a confrontation on the street there. That’s not what the media says, they don’t tell the whole story. They get it wrong in the beginning, kind of pissed off that I even for a second believed half of what they wrote and this is coming from the left, the radical left.

Sean Hannity blames Democrats for violence committed by pro-Trump group, the Proud Boys Hannity blames Kyrsten Sinema, Alec Baldwin, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton
SEAN HANNITY (HOST): 'I don't care if you go fight for the Taliban,' that was KyrstenSinema's running for the Senate against Martha McSally out in Arizona which is an important race, and we've had all these revealing tapes prior to that. Alec Baldwin 'we need to throw or overthrow the government.' That's added to a lot of violence that happened over the weekend. Bernie Sanders, he would not condemn the protesters and the bear spray, the bloody brawls, it was at what's called a Patriot Prayer rally, law and order march in Portland, and it got ugly and it got ugly fast, as you had that group battling and facing off what became a riot pretty much with the group Antifa using bear spray, bear batons, thrashing each other outside what is known as Kelly's Olympian, a popular bar on Southwest Washington Street.
There was an incident in New York between different groups, some group that identifies themselves, I had never heard of them before, Proud Boys versus some other leftwing protesters. You think any of this might be connected to the rhetoric that we've been hearing? Maxine Waters and Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton, you can't be civil and kick em and follow them in to department stores and gas stations. And maybe on the heels of nobody in the Democratic Party condemning what happened to Pam Bondi, Kirstjen Nielsen the Secretary of Homeland Security, or Sarah Sanders, or Ted Cruz and his wife at a restaurant, or Mitch McConnell at an airport.

Fox & Friends ignores violent attack by far-right group Proud Boys while fearmongering about supposed left-wing “mob rule”

Fox & Friends continued to push its pre-midterm election bogus narrative of left-wing “mobs” while willfully ignoring numerous instances of violence carried out by far-right groups, including an incident this weekend of 30 members of the right-wing group the “Proud Boys” beating up protesters in New York. The beatings took place after Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes gave a speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club.
According to BuzzFeed News, on October 13, “The far-right men’s organization ‘Proud Boys’ violently beat two or three apparent protesters Friday night following a Republican event in Manhattan. About 30 members of the group ... participated in the beating, some screaming threats and slurs at the individuals, according to video and an eyewitness account.” As a result of the attack, Gov. Andrew Cuomo requested an FBI investigation into the violence, and “also assigned a State Police hate crimes unit to assist with the New York Police Department’s investigation of the fighting, which he linked to President Trump.”
Proud Boys is a self-described “Western chauvinist” men-only fraternal organization with violence at its core. To earn a low-level membership (or “second degree”), prospective members have to subject themselves to continuous punches by other Proud Boys while naming five breakfast cereals. The highest membership level, the fourth degree, is earned only if the member has engaged in violence with anti-fascists. McInnes himself is on the record saying he “cannot recommend violence enough. It is a really effective way to solve problems.”
But, in Fox News’ alternate reality, “antifa” and liberal protesters are a serious physical threat to average conservatives and Trump supporters, while the far-more common phenomenon of right-wing violence does notreceive any attention or is downplayed. From the October 15 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends:

Fox & Friends is ignoring the Proud Boys' violent attack on protesters Saturday following its leader's speech to a GOP group. Instead, the show is talking about left-wing incivility
AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): You think, Stuart, are people sick of this? They don’t want all this violence in the street?
STUART VARNEY (HOST, FOX BUSINESS): I don't think America likes violence in the street. Political violence has no place in America. We don't like it, and I think it’ll work against the Democrats. I haven't seen a single leading Democrat say, hey, tone this down, stop this mob rule, stop this confrontation. I haven’t seen a single Democrat do that.
Yeah, the emotion of the mob, and the nonsense of socialism combined. I think it’s an untenable position.

CNN fails to disclose non-disparagement agreement in interview with ex-Trump official CNN commentator who legally cannot criticize the president calls his praise for violence against a reporter "partly entertainment"
CNN anchor Kate Bolduan hosted Marc Short, a CNN commentator and former director of legislative affairs for President Donald Trump, without disclosing that Short signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that bars him from criticizing the president. Among the topics discussed was Trump's praise for a congressman's physical assault of a reporter last year, which Short called "partly entertainment."
As The Daily Beast reported, there is a "blanket non-disclosure agreement all Trump campaign and West Wing staffers are reportedly required to sign" that "contain[s] a non-disparagement clause in which the signee agrees not to 'demean or disparage publicly' President Trump, his family, their company, or any of the family’s assets." According to one media expert interviewed by The Daily Beast, a media outlet failing to disclose the existence of an NDA constitutes "a significant ethical breach":
“If someone is bound by an NDA and that’s not disclosed, that’s journalistic malpractice,” Steven Roberts, a professor of media ethics at George Washington University, told The Daily Beast. “If you don’t disclose that someone is contractually obligated, that’s a huge ethical problem and a huge ethical mistake.”
The professor continued: “You’re deceiving your audience if you don’t disclose that. It’s a significant ethical breach because media ethics start with the principles of transparency: never confuse or deceive your audience.”
Among the subjects discussed in the CNN segment featuring Short -- who legally cannot criticize the president -- was Trump's endorsement of violence against a reporter. At a rally in Montana last night, Trump recounted an incident in which Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) physically attacked The Guardian's Ben Jacobs, and said, "I had heard he body-slammed a reporter. ... Anybody that can do a body-slam, that’s my kind of guy.” Bolduan asked Short if he could "make an honest case that what the president was saying last night was just a joke." In response, Short said that "the timing" of the comment "is inappropriate," but downplayed Trump's statement saying it was "partly entertainment."

The president is in favor of Republicans assaulting journalists

In June, five staffers in the newsroom of the Annapolis, MD, Capital Gazette were murdered by a man with no apparent political motive who had a personal grudge against the paper. In brief remarks from the White House following the attack, President Donald Trump commented, “Journalists, like all Americans, should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job.”
On Thursday night, the president added a caveat to that noble sentiment: Unless the person violently attacking journalists is a Republican.
At a rally in Montana, Trump explicitly praised GOP Rep. Greg Gianforte for assaulting a reporter last year, applauding the Republican congressman and calling him “my guy” before a cheering crowd.
On the eve of a special congressional election last May, Gianforte slammed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs and began punching him after the journalist attempted to ask him about the House health care bill. Gianforte’s campaign attempted to lie about what happened, but there were witnesses and audio of the incident, so Gianforte ultimately pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault two weeks later.

Donald Trump praises Republican congressman for body-slamming a reporter Trump: "Any guy that can do a body slam, he's my kind of guy."

DONALD TRUMP: But Greg is smart, and by the way, never wrestle him. You understand that, never. 
Any guy that can do a body slam, he's my kind of guy. He's my guy. I shouldn't say that -- there's nothing to be embarrassed about.
So I was in Rome with a lot of the leaders from other countries, talking about all sort of things and we heard about it. And we endorsed Greg very early but I had heard that he body slammed a reporter. And he was way up, and he was way up, and I said this was like the day of the election, or just before, and I said oh, this is terrible he's going to lose the election, then I said well wait a minute, I know Montana pretty well, I think it might help him, and it did. No, he's a great guy. Tough cookie.

Lou Dobbs guest justifies Proud Boy assaults in New York by calling the victims terrorists Pete Holmberg: "It's terrorism and it's gotten worse the more successful Trump has gotten"

Republicans have already empowered gangs and extremist groups From the Proud Boys to Turning Point USA, extremists are ascendant on the right, but legacy media are too often playing catch-up
Let's be clear about the state of things. A well-connected sitting congressman endorsed a neo-Nazi for political office, and it wasn't the first time this sort of thing happened. To the contrary, GOP candidates across the country have links to white nationalists. The GOP president -- who is the undisputed center of the party -- is a former game show host whose administration has repeatedly defended violent extremists. And his son has even appeared on a white nationalist show. The debate is over. The extremists have taken over the party.
And yet, legacy media outlets are too often caught completely unaware.
On October 12, the Metropolitan Republican Club hosted Gavin McInnes, founder of the self-identified “gang” Proud Boys. During the event, McInnes re-enacted the violent 1960 murder of Japanese socialist party leader Inejiro Asanuma. After McInnes' appearance, a number of Proud Boys were taped nearby brutally beating and kicking several individuals” and shouting homophobic slurs at protesters. Videos show "more than a dozen" Proud Boys, including at least three skinheads, punching and kicking protesters on the ground.
In response, The New York Times has covered McInnes' exploits with kid gloves and reduced his extremism to mere provocation. Just look how thrilled white supremacist Ann Coulter was with the piece:
More on article page

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes to Republicans: “You need us foot soldiers” In speech to Manhattan GOP club, McInnes said that traditional Republicans and people like him "both want Trump to do well"

GAVIN MCINNES (HOST): Eric Holder saying when they, go low we kick them? I like that. Let's get low. Let's be disgusting. Let's make some f------ jokes. Can we kill a dead guy who ran Japan’s Socialist Party, please. It happened 58 years ago, relax. That is my beef with the right, is they're so sacred. And they're so pure and so careful never to offend, never to make the wrong joke. They're so worried about interpretation. And you're dealing with mentally ill people. It’s not like -- you'll make a joke and then they'll say 'You want trans-disabled children to die in a fire.' That’s not even in the same universe as what I said. So why appease them?
MCINNES: At the very least, people of the right, let us scum in. You need us foot soldiers. You need us disgusting rude jerks because outside of the swears and the drugs and the violence, quite a list actually, outside of all the things you disagree with, we have a lot in common. What we have in common is we both want America to prosper. We both want Trump to do well.

Fox guest says Trump's assertion that assaulting reporters helps Republicans win elections was "just bad timing"

Eric Trump on Fox: President Trump "can have fun" by joking about assault on a reporter Trump tries to claim his father's praise of GOP congressman for body-slamming a reporter was just "fun," but that Eric Holder said to "kick [people] in the head" (Holder didn't say that, and he clarified that he was "not advocating violence")

CNN's Rick Santorum defends Trump by claiming he was only praising assault in general, not assault on reporters Santorum: "If you listen to what the president said, he said, anybody that can do a body slam is my kind of guy"

On twitter:

List of terrorist acts

GOP leaders fan the flames of violent hatred

Standard lies and deflections from facts

Outright lies is the standard tactic - media stays quite and fails their job

Seeking to promote misunderstanding amougst the people


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