Jun 5, 2021

{Mainstream Documentary - Lost Civilizations} World of Mysteries - Lost City of Atlantis

Following Plato's story of Atlantis this documentary looks beyond the Pillars of Hercules to some new sites. The Canary Islands, are suggested as possible remnants of a larger island and they have pyramids on a smaller scale that Egypt. Given the rise of the sea's since the end of the last ice age that is possible but no dating was done on any site. Another explorer believes its underwater off the coast of Santorini. Other places also suggested as the location for Atlantis are Antarctica and South America. 

World of Mysteries - Lost City of Atlantis

Description: The story of Atlantis is one of the greatest mysteries ever told.  It is a tale of a powerful civilisation destroyed by the gods more than 11,000 years ago.  For centuries explorers have travelled the world in search of this lost city, but have found little.  Did Atlantis really exist, or is it the work of one man’s vivid imagination?

The search for Atlantis has been the inspiration behind some of mankind’s greatest achievements.  It is the story of a great and powerful empire that became depraved and was sunk to the bottom of the sea by Zeus, the god of gods.  Man has scoured the Earth in search for Atlantis, yet we still have no exact location for this lost continent.

There are three islands that shed light on this mystery.  The Greek island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea is a popular vacation spot unparalleled in its beauty, but with a violent past.  Crete, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, whose history has contributed to the shaping of our world today.  And Tenerife in the Atlantic Ocean, which many believe is the last remnant of the lost city.

“Lost City of Atlantis” is a documentary from the “World of Mysteries” series.

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