Apr 2, 2020

James Carville Opposes Democratic Processes... He's A Republican Posing As A Democrat!

Background/Context: Joe Biden's Lies - Backed By The Democratic Establishment - Debunked (Not Covered On CNN/NBC/CBS/ABC So As Not TO Inform The Voters)

James Carvillve wants to stop the democratic process of the primary! (Caught by Trevor Noah). Makes sense. Old people in politic tend to be authoritarians. Look what they did to healthcare! Remember Hillary was most like a Republican too (Obama said so)!

JOE BIDEN'S WINNING STREAK & CONFRONTATION IN MICHIGAN - 3/11/2020 Joe Biden widens his lead over Bernie Sanders after seeing primary victories across four states, and a tense exchange between Biden and a Detroit factory worker goes viral.

At one minute into the video Carville shows his bias;

Joe Biden

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