Mar 19, 2020

The Hypocrisy In The Responses Of Establishment Democrats When It Comes To Medicare For All

1. Lobbyists Get To Write Laws For $$$. Worst Part? Lobbying Is The Same As Bribery
2. Joe Biden's Lies - Backed By The Democratic Establishment - Debunked (Not Covered On CNN/NBC/CBS/ABC So As Not TO Inform The Voters)
3. Can Citizen Rights Be Upgraded To Those Enjoyed By Corporations? This Country, According To The Constitution, Is FOR The People Is It Not?
4. Implementing "Medicare for All" Is The Fastest, Easiest AND Cheapest Way To Insure The Least Number Of Citizens Die From Preventable Causes

More proof of the Con by the Democratic establishment.

Krystal Ball: Bailouts show "how will you pay for it" is a con
Krystal Ball examines the hypocrisy in the responses of Establishment Democrats when it comes to Medicare for All.

Joe Biden

Economics:Constitutional Capitalism VS Vulture Capitalism (GOP's Capitalism)

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