Mar 6, 2020

What Will A Biden VS Trump Match-up Look Like? Well, At Least Don't Expect To Completely Win The Inevitable Sex Debate In The General Election

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Sean Hannity: Don't expect 'Creepy' Joe Biden's friends in the media to hold him to the Kavanaugh standard

Creepy, crazy Uncle Joe Biden is facing a serious backlash for -- you guessed it -- being creepy.
He hasn't yet formally entered the race, but already, "Creepy Uncle Joe" is facing two separate allegations of inappropriate touching and a lot more. Just a short time ago, a Connecticut woman named Amy Lappos told "The Hartford Courant", "He put his hand around my neck, he pulled me in to rub noses with me. When he was pulling me in, I thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth."
Meanwhile, the first accusation came from former Democratic lawmaker Lucy Flores of Nevada, who encountered the vice president backstage at a political event in 2014. She's claiming Crazy Uncle Joe got close to her from behind, sniffing and smelling her hair and planted an unsolicited case on the back of her head, saying, "My brain couldn't process what was happening, I was embarrassed, I was shocked, I was confused."
Smelling someone's hair from behind, rubbing noses, kissing a stranger, some on the lips -- who does that? Apparently, Joe Biden. And he does that a lot.
Will the Democratic Party hold Joe Biden to the same "Believe all women-zero-tolerance" standard that they have utilized so vigorously against Republicans? And by the way, where are all the Judge Kavanaugh "I believers"?

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