Jan 5, 2019

The Daily Show Does The Media - Part 1 (1999)

MEDIA DAY 1/28/1999 Beth Littleford attends media day for Super Bowl XXXIII. She questions Broncos and Falcons players on the game, tight clothing, group showers and being on the top vs. bottom.

DANIEL STERN 2/11/1999 Daniel Stern, actor and media literacy teacher, explores the ramifications of Jon's usage of monkey sex clips.

A HASTILY THROWN TOGETHER EDITORIAL - LINDA TRIPP 2/16/1999 Jon delivers an editorial defending Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky's friend and phone-call-recorder, who'd received undue derision at hands of the media.

OTHER NEWS - KILLER ADS 3/22/1999 Former world model O.J. Simpson is the spokesperson for Justice Media.

KICK IN THE BALKANS '99 - GRAPHICS 3/24/1999 Vance DeGeneres shows a layer of media savvy by using his Casio Super Battle 2000 to simulate bombing.

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