Jan 4, 2019

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 48 (CNN VS Fox News)

HEADLINES - HEY, HEY PAULA 1/16/2002 CNN apologizes and Fox News feasts on Paula Zahn's quickly canceled "sexy" promo.

MOMENT OF ZEN - FALSE ALARM 1/16/2003 CNN and Fox News cover a scare story about bubonic plague that turns out to be unsubstantiated.

"I" ON NEWS 6/8/09 Fox News insinuates, MSNBC hates Rush Limbaugh, and CNN wants to hang out with America at a slumber party.

CRISIS IN THE MIDDLE EVERYWHERE - CNN AND FOX NEWS FIGHT IN LIBYA 3/22/2011 Fox News and CNN courageously report on the fighting in Libya between Fox News and CNN.

CHANNELED RAGE 3/24/2011 The conflict in Libya between CNN's Nic Robertson and Fox News' Steve Harrigan escalates.

The Daily Show Does CNN

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