Nov 27, 2018

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 71 (2018)

TRUMP GATE CRASHES A RALLY IN OHIO AND TRASH-TWEETS LEBRON JAMES 8/6/2018 President Trump praises Fox News after crashing a rally for congressional candidate Troy Balderson, and the president also hurls a personal insult at LeBron James via Twitter.

AMERICA NEEDS ATTORNEY GENERAL JEANINE PIRRO Laura Grey shows her unwavering support for Jeanine Pirro after learning that the Fox News pundit might have her eye on Attorney General Jeff Sessions's job.

IHOPALYPSE 2018 - HARD-HITTING PANCAKE NEWS Jordan's intense coverage of IHOP's rebranding comes to an end as the chain's president finally reveals what "IHOb" really stands for on "Fox & Friends."

CELEBRATING AMERICAN EAGLE DAY WITH "FOX & FRIENDS" On World Refugee Day, "Fox & Friends" pundits turn their focus to the hard-hitting news of American Eagle Day instead.

FOX NEWS STOKES FEAR OF DEMOCRATIC MOBS 10/11/2018 Despite Republicans holding all the power in Washington, Fox News still makes white conservatives feel like victims by ginning up fears of liberal protesters.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

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