Nov 26, 2018

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 26 (2010)

CALIFORNIGAYTION 8/5/2010 CNN's best political team goes to a gay bar at three in the afternoon to cover reactions on a federal judge's decision to overturn Proposition 8.

MOMENT OF ZEN - UNITED NATIONS PARTIES BEGIN 9/23/2010 CNN's John Roberts reports that after the United Nations meetings end, the parties begin.

MOMENT OF ZEN - DOODIE IN THE POOL 6/3/2010 CNN correspondent John Zarrella describes the chunks of oil washing up on the shores of Alabama.

MOMENT OF ZEN - WEARABLE AIRBAG 8/24/2010 CNN's Ali Velshi describes what a wearable airbag feels like when it is inflated.

MOMENT OF ZEN - NOT A FLIGHT RISK 8/10/2010 CNN's Allan Chernoff repeats that Steven Slater is no longer a flight risk.

ROLAND MARTIN WEARS AN ASCOT 5/5/2010 Roland Martin wearing an ascot while discussing immigration might be the best thing Jon's ever seen on CNN.

The Daily Show Does CNN

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