Nov 22, 2018

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 25 (2010)

FALL OF THE HOUSE OF BLITZER 12/15/2010 CNN shakes things up by replacing Larry King with Piers Morgan and showing diarrhea clips.

MOMENT OF ZEN - MYSTERY MISSILE LAUNCH 11/10/2010 According to CNN, the mystery missile off the California coast has taken on an Area 51-Bermuda Triangle-Loch Ness Monster kind of vibe.

HURTY SANCHEZ 10/4/2010 Perhaps CNN will use Rick Sanchez's vacated timeslot to starve parasites like Jon by putting on quality news and discussion.

WE HARDLY BETTER KNEW YE 11/3/2010 CNN picks up an unprecedented amount of opinions, the Sharron Angle Mystery Policy Box remains a secret, and Stephen says goodbye to some fallen friends.

MOMENT OF ZEN - CNN DISMISSES BROKEN CLAVICLE RUMOR 10/13/2010 CNN dismisses the erroneous reports that the Chilean miners would have to have their clavicles broken to fold themselves.

The Daily Show Does CNN

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