Nov 30, 2018

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 27 (2011)

MOMENT OF ZEN - CNN QUESTIONS CANDIDACY ANNOUNCEMENTS 3/1/2011 CNN's coverage of candidacy announcements differs drastically within two years.

CNN ANCHOR DON LEMON APPEARS NOT TO CARE FOR CNN 7/26/2011 Anchorman Don Lemon's half-hearted last-minute effort to feign that he cares about CNN's antics is a call for help.

MOMENT OF ZEN - CNN'S CHOOSE THE NEWS 2/28/2011 CNN viewers decide by text message which news stories they want to see in detail.

MOMENT OF ZEN - CNN COVERS ANTHONY WEINER CONFESSION 6/8/2011 CNN scraps coverage of Iraq, unemployment and the Middle East to focus on Anthony Weiner's sex scandal confession.

CNN-TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN DEBATE 9/13/2011 Debates are supposed to help Americans find the Republican presidential candidate, but instead they found the running mate.

The Daily Show Does CNN

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