Dec 3, 2018

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 28 (2011)

MOMENT OF ZEN - INSINUATIONS ABOUT WEINER ON CNN 5/31/2011 It's too bad Andrew Breitbart got to make insinuations about Anthony Weiner on CNN.

WHEN REPORTERS ATTACK - CNN & FOX NEWS FEUD IN LIBYA 3/23/2011 Jason Jones understands why his old warhorse correspondent brethren from Fox News and CNN are butting heads in Libya.

MOMENT OF ZEN - CNN'S CHOOSE THE NEWS SEGMENT 9/8/2011 CNN viewers can vote by text message to see a story about Japan's energy crisis, a rhino rescue or a Gumby robber.

CRISIS IN THE MIDDLE EVERYWHERE - CNN AND FOX NEWS FIGHT IN LIBYA 3/22/2011 Fox News and CNN courageously report on the fighting in Libya between Fox News and CNN.

MARK WHITAKER 12/13/2011 Managing Editor of CNN Worldwide Mark Whitaker discusses growing up in a biracial family at a time when interracial marriage was illegal in most states.

The Daily Show Does CNN

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